Safeguarding Policy

The Parish as part of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, conforms to the policies and procedures setup in the Diocese. We are always seeking to improve our local practices to ensure the safeguarding and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults.  The Parish Priest and the Safeguarding Representative review practices and procedures at quarterly meetings.

Parish Safeguarding Representative

Our Parish safeguarding Representatives are Mrs Angela Sargeant who looks after the Cranleigh part of the Parish and Mrs Karina Ajayi who has responsibility for Bramley.  If you have any concerns about a safeguarding issue:

Angela should be contacted on 01483 277 739 or via email.

Or Karina Ajayi on 01483 890695 or via email.

Or Father Alistair Simmons on 01483 272075 or via email.

The diocesan safeguarding commission is responsible for ensuring that the national safeguarding procedures for the Catholic Church are implemented and being used. There are twenty Religious Orders who are aligned to the commission; there is representation from both male and female Orders on the commission. You can see the names and roles of all the Diocesan Safeguarding Commission members.

Link to Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service for Resource Area and Procedures

Link to National Catholic Safeguarding Commission

Living a Culture of Safeguarding

This commitment calls the whole Church to live the values and principles, which are already implicit in the nature of the Church and its mission, as the authentic witness to the message of the gospels. Whilst all members of the Church have a role to play in promoting a culture of safeguarding, clear leadership is crucial. Bishops and Congregation Leaders need to be vigilant in exercising their ministry of leadership, ensuring that a culture of safeguarding is both understood and embraced by the whole Church.

In order to recreate a safe and nurturing environment and deepen (or where necessary rebuild) trust there needs to be a culture of:

  • Openness & Transparency
  • Love & Respect
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Compassion & Support
  • Justice & Integrity
  • Honesty & Humility
  • Questioning & Challenging
  • Learning & Changing


All those with a leadership role in safeguarding are required to be mindful of differing needs, to promote understanding and to encourage talents.