Catholic Parish of Cranleigh and Bramley

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Cranleigh and Bramley Catholic Parish

Our parish is made up of all sorts of people – old, young, middle aged;
married, single and divorced or separated; from Britain, and all over the world – this is their home.

We are people who realise – however faintly – that we need to find God in our lives
and we come together each week to meet Jesus in the Word of Scripture, the Sacraments and in each other.

We believe that we meet Christ in each other
and that we need each other which is why at all times we seek to strengthen our community in faith, hope and love.

We hope that everyone who participates in the life of the Church here in Cranleigh and Bramley
will realise that they are always welcome, always loved, and always valued as people made in the image and likeness of God.

This parish is part of the Dioceses of Arundel & Brighton. The Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Trust is a registered charity no 252878

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