Baptism is called the gateway to the sacraments, and to life in the Spirit. St Paul writing to the Romans in chapter 8 said  “to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”  Those who are baptised begin a new life – in the Spirit and as a disciple of Christ.

In our parish, baptism is conferred on infants at the request of their parents who make a solid commitment to bringing up their children in the “practice of the faith”.  Adults who have never received baptism can also be baptised either as part of an RCIA course or after a period of instruction.

Baptism for infants usually takes place after a period of instruction for parents so that they understand more readily the commitment they are about to undertake.  These courses are run regularly with times advertised in the newsletter and on this website.

For more information please download this Thinking about Baptism for your child

To apply for a baptism please complete this download and complete this form – Application for Infant Baptism

Please ask each of your godparents to fill in one of these forms – Godparent or CW Application 2016

Please see the Parish Events page of this website to sign up to the next Baptism Course.