Rotu Mission

The Mission at Rotu is a relatively recent development and is in the remotest and most dangerous part of East Pokot. No-one in the area has ever been to school and poverty and hardship are widespread.

Fr Sean McGovern, the Priest in charge, built an infant school in 2012 and aims to give the 43 children attending a main meal every day.

The al fresco kitchen that has now been replaced with a new school kitchen and dining room

There were originally no kitchen facilities and the meal was cooked and eaten in the open. However, a family in our Parish donated the magnificent sum of £15,000 to the Mission to build and equip a school kitchen and dining room.

Work on the new kitchen and dining room started at the end of May 2013 and was completed in February 2014.

Father Sean has sent a pictorial record of the building work. Do please click on the text to the right to open and look at the pdf file.

2013_14 Pictoral Record of Adding on to Rotu School

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