Two students needing sponsorship at Mission School
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Two students needing sponsorship at Mission School

By In Pokot On January 8, 2019

Hello All
Fr David Conway has told me about two students from families who have absolutely no money to pay for school fees.
The first is Vincent R Kipsakwa whose details are below. Fr David has since told me that Vincent is not the boy from Rotu recommended by Fr Sean. He is the other boy I refer to now.
Philemon Kakony is one of the Rotu pupils Fr Sean tries to help into secondary education ( and sometimes beyond that) using the small amount of funds he has in his Education account. He has paid £10,000 Kenyan Shillings (approx. £80) towards Philemon’s Form1 fees and essential requirements.
Vincent’s Form 1 fees come to £440 and the essential extras to £100. These extras include a quality mattress and bedding, school uniform, various pieces of school equipment; a plastic bucket and basin! and the cost of transport on the school bus between home and school each term.
Philemon’s fees etc are the same, minus the £80 donated by Fr Sean.
If anyone not already sponsoring a student would like to help towards the fees etc for these boys, please let me know.
I would also like to share with you what Fr Conway is going through at the moment as he struggles to deal with a stream of pupils from the primary school whose exam results qualifies them for secondary education…………if their families can afford it.
“ My office is like a railway station as ex primary school pupils arrive hoping for a place. But no body has fees but only a Calling Letter.

I am very concerned as to the future of this a Private School in Kenya.
The outlook is very poor and we are really struggling. In fact I am worn out.
Just a senior moment on my part. The boy in the previous email I sent you, VINCENT, does need support as he has nothing


Please remember Fr Conway and all at the school in your prayers.
Best wishes

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