Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8th October 2017

Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8th October 2017

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Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8th October 2017

Sat 7th             Cranleigh         10.00am          Mass

Cranleigh         11.00am          Baptism of Lorraine C Casey

 Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Sat 7th             Cranleigh         6.00pm            Vigil Mass

Sun 8th            Bramley          9.00am            Parish Harvest Mass

Cranleigh         11.00am          Parish Harvest Mass

Bramley          2.00pm            Baptism of Zachary Martyn

Baptist Church 6.30pm            Harvest Songs of Praise

Tues 10th        Bramley          10.00am          Mass – St Paulinus of York

Wed 11th        Cranleigh         7.00pm            Mass – St John XXIII

Thurs 12th       Bramley          10.00am          Mass – St Wilfrid

Fri 13th           Cranleigh         10.00am          Mass – St Edward the Confessor

 Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Sat 14th          Cranleigh         6.00pm            Vigil Mass

Sun 15th          Bramley          9.00am            Parish Mass

Cranleigh         11.00am          Parish Mass

Bramley          2.00pm            Baptism of Thomas Hall


Message from Father David – Dear Brothers and Sisters

It has been a busy week after my holiday but it was good to get away and relax.  I gather Fr Albert was entertaining!

One of the reasons we have holidays and vacations is to give ourselves a rest.  It’s quite amazing how much more productive we can be after a cup of coffee and a short sit down on a busy day.  We need that break and change of tempo in order to rejuvenate ourselves and be reenergised.

Harvest is a time of year that we take stock of the fruitfulness of the earth – “fruit of the earth and work of human hands” as the prayers on reception of the Gifts put it.  We give thanks for the rich abundance of produce that we enjoy – in times past this was the time to restock the larders of our homes ready for the bleakness of winter in which nothing grows (except sprouts) and hoping that things will last until the new seasons growth.  Winter was a time when the earth “rested” in time for spring’s lush growth.

However, our food supply has, for a long time now, been divorced from this natural seasonal rhythm.  We can have strawberries on the Christmas table and sprouts any time of year we wish.  But this all comes at a cost – a cost that will ultimately rebound on us all if we are not careful.  This constant production of food is sustained through artificial fertilisers – most nitrates which cause fantastic growth and production.  But that nitrogen running off fields into streams and then into rivers and then into estuaries causes many problems – most commonly the growth of algae which starves the waters of oxygen and kills all wildlife – fish, corals, crabs – you name it.  This is becoming a real problem and one we ignore at our peril.

We are called to steward the resources of the earth and to work for and maintain the common good.  This isn’t just our common good but the good of all peoples and all living things and of the very planet itself.  Are we stewarding our lives as we ought?  Do I gratefully use what I have received but use if wisely and carefully and give thanks for the blessings I have received through it?  This Harvest time let us reflect on how we can be better stewards.



Weekend of 7th and 8th October

The Masses this weekend will celebrate the gifts of creation and harvest.

On the Sunday Mass, parishioners are traditionally requested to bring tinned goods and non-perishable items which are brought up at the offertory.  These goods are then presented to the Guildford Homeless Charity Number Five.

There is also a Churches Together in Cranleigh event at the Cranleigh Baptist Church on Sunday 8th October at 6.30pm at which Songs of the Harvest will be sung.  It would be wonderful to see a large number of our Catholic Parishioners at this event.  Please make the effort to attend.


Saturday 7th October

As part of the preparation for Planning Applications to Waverley Borough Council, the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust [CVHT] Trustees are holding an exhibition, outlining the planned provision of 20 Community Beds and related healthcare facilities on the Knowle Lane site.  There is an opportunity to view the exhibition at its public opening on 10.00am – 4.00pm at The Arts Centre before moving indefinitely to the patio area at Oliver House in the High Street.


Sunday 15th October

Our friend of the Parish Giovanni has arranged for his good friend Andrea Scarpa to play an organ recital at our Cranleigh Church on Sunday the 15th October before and after the 11am Mass, by kind permission of Fr David Osborne.   Andrea Scarpa is an Organist and Director of music at the Italian Mission in Zurich Switzerland.

DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HEAR THIS EXCELLENT ORGANIST PERFORMING A VARIETY OF MUSIC FROM THE REPERTOIRE OF THE OLD MASTERS AS WELL AS THAT OF THE MODERN COMPOSERS.  On Saturday 14th of October at 7.30, he will be playing at Cranleigh Parish Church by kind permission of the Rector Rev. Roy Woodhams and on Tuesday the 17th at 12.45 at Cranleigh School by kind permission of the resident Organist Mr Philip Scriven.


Wednesday 18th October

Baptism for infants usually takes place after a period of instruction for parents so that they understand more readily the commitment they are about to undertake.   Please sign up to the next Baptism course which is Wed 18th October and Wednesday 25th October on the Parish Events Website.

CAFOD MPC Training

Saturday 21st October from 10am to 1pm Could you ensure that the voices of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power? Please consider becoming a CAFOD MP Correspondent. The training session is for anyone who is interested at St Joan of Arc Church Tilford road Farnham GU9 8DJ. To book your place please contact Jo on 01252 329385 or email


Saturday 28th October

The Parish would like to invite all those people who have undertaken the RCIA course in the last five years to join a Shared Lunch in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room at 12noon.  This will be an opportunity to celebrate becoming a member of the Catholic Church.  If you would like to join this lunch please email the Parish office 06.10.17.


Saturday 4th November

The Parish would like to invite all newcomers to the Parish to an evening reception following the 6pm Mass in Cranleigh.   If you have recently become involved in the Cranleigh or Bramley Parish, for whatever reason, or know of someone who would like to be included, please let the Parish Office know that you would like to attend.


Sunday 5th November

The Parish holds an annual blessing of graves in Cranleigh at 12.30pm.   Please let the Parish Office know of any graves that you would like to be blessed ahead of this date.   Votive candles can be brought prior to the event.


Saturday 11th November

Readers and Ministers of the Parish are invited to join the Day of Recollection in Cranleigh on 11th November 2017.  Please sign yourself into this day on the Parish Website Events Page.


Confirmation Programme

The confirmation programme is for young people (year 10 at school) who desire to take on a personal faith and find out more about living life as a Christian in today’s world.

The programme runs from each September through to mid-June.  If you would like your child to take part in the forthcoming confirmation programme please sign up on the Parish Events page of the Parish Website.


Saturday 18th November

The Parish will be holding a Requiem Mass on Saturday 18th November.   This Mass is intended to remember all those recently departed in our community.  Please come if you would like to remember someone special.  Please forward this message onto anyone who you think would like to attend.


Tuesday 21st November

If you would like to join the Parish Outing to Squires Garden Centre at Milford please put your name and telephone number on the lists in the Church Porches.   Transport can be arranged for you, there will be a lunch of your choice and there is a huge selection of Christmas shopping and of course the plant centre.


CAFOD Office volunteer

Do you have a few hours free during the week to volunteer in the CAFOD Portsmouth office at St Mary’s church Aldershot GU12 4RX. Office volunteers help with a range of administrative tasks from data entry to contacting volunteers. If you are computer competent and happy using Word and Excel then please contact Jo on 01252 329385 or email for more information.


Christmas Decorations

We are looking to recruit a decorating team to dress the Cranleigh Church for the advent season one weekend possibly 16+17/12.   Please contact the Parish office if you would like to be part of this team.

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