Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 20th August 2017

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 20th August 2017

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

I once read an article by an evangelical man who claimed that his own father would go to hell because he wasn’t an evangelical, bible based, Christian.  Because he hadn’t been baptised in the spirit.  That struck me as rather harsh but consonant with evangelical belief.  It seems that heaven, in that view, is going to be populated by evangelicals.  That means the art will be terrible, the décor magnolia and the carpets beige.  The parties will be very restrained affairs and the music will probably be of the folksy acoustic guitar kind with close harmony singing.  Bedtime will be before ten pm.

I jest of course because that’s just my bias against evangelicals.  My list above says as much about me as it does about them.  Somewhere, though, there will be an evangelical deriding the catholic idea that it’s only Catholics who will get to heaven.  And he or she is probably also thinking that in a catholic heaven there will be some awful baroque extravaganza of a décor style, acres of marble and domed trompe l’oeil ceilings with either Gregorian chant or massed choirs, Verdi style, as the only musical choice.  Oh, and a lot of drunkenness.  Lots of drunkenness.

The truth is, of course, somewhat more bizarre.  It would seem that God wants to open the doors of heaven to as many people as possible.  It’s not an excluded out but an included in mentality, or spirituality.  And this resonates with everything we know about the teaching of Jesus and the sayings and writings of the prophets of old.  In fact, the whole purpose of being “God’s people” – whether the Jewish nation, or the Catholic church is to image that welcome and inclusiveness for others who may not have expected that.  It’s not, therefore, a case of “come and join us, our train is going to heaven and yours to hell,” but “come and join us and help us show everyone how God wants us to live.  We have experienced his grace and want to share that with anyone who will open themselves to it.”

And even if they don’t then God’s mercy is probably big enough to cope.

With my love and prayers, your priest, Fr David


There will be reduced Parish Office Hours during School Holidays.  Messages can be left on email or voicemail.

The Office will be closed weeks beginning

21st and 28th August and will reopen on Tuesday 5th September with full hours


Pope Francis urges us to build up the holiness of the church and ensure people feel welcomed and loved in it.  How is Welcoming a Ministry?  Who needs to be welcomed?  What does our parish look like to a visitor or newcomer?  The Year of Mercy is an opportune time to reflect on the Ministry of Welcoming and consider the impact it can have in a parish.

If you would like to become a welcomer to our Parish please join the meeting on Thursday 7th September at 8pm in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Day of Reflection – 16th September

At Holy Family Ash. 10:30 Tea/Coffee 11:00 Start 15:30 finish. Please advise Deacon John Edwards if you are going to attend email: or phone (leave a message) 01252 405453

St Thomas More Church

You may now have noticed that we have started some remedial work on the church. The roof of the church is currently being repaired to eliminate both water retention and resulting ingress of water into the church interior. The interior damage will be repaired a little later when we are certain the roof repairs have been successful. The front face of the building is being repointed and the Corpus Christi cross being cleaned and repainted. The front doors, the side door and windows are to be revarnished.

There will also be work carried out on the Parish room and associated Garden Cottage where each end of the building will have two replacement double glazed windows installed to replace the failing wooden ones.

The result we hope will be a fresher looking church and also the Parish room facing the car park will look so much better combined with the previously re-placed facias.

Obviously, this is all for Father David’s approval and any improvements welcomed.  Kind regards Nick Pickett


Pokot News

I received the following report from Fr David Conway about how he used the £3,000 we sent him recently. It is clear that our donations are being put to a very good use in this time of drought and food shortage.

“Many thanks for your kind donation of GBP 6,000 of which I transferred by cheque 50% to Fr. Sean in Rotu.

The GBP 6,000 was exchanged in the Bank at a rate of 135 Shillings which gave us the total of KShs 810,000/= of which I will account to you for KShs 405,000.

I bought 8 x 90 Kg of Wimbi/Millet of good quality to make unimix for the under 5’s who come for immunization to our mobile clinics; also for women who come to our rural and remote clinics for ante-natal checks.

They also also go home with some kilos. This millet cost KShs 90,000 Shilling, including transport and grinding as an ingredient for unimix.

I paid KShs 85,000 as a contribution to pay a bill of a Pokot Lady to go to hospital in Nakuru. She was suffering from Pneumonia. She was an old traditional lady who had to be accompanied to hospital as she did not speak Swahili or English.

I paid Transport by Ambulance and treatment for a three-year-old boy to go to hospital. He was suffering from Snake Bite. Luckily, he made a complete recovery. That cost 25,000 shillings

The remaining 205,000 shillings I used to purchase much needed food in the form of maize as famine relief for pupils at local primary schools. This bought 42 x 90kg bags.

Thanks to Pound a Week Group & friends for their continued contribution to the livelihoods of the Pokot of East Pokot.  Sincerely  David”

For more information about our Pokot projects, please visit the Parish website or contact me on 01483-893379 or at      Eugene McGivern



The next Baptism Course on 30th August and 6th September.

Baptism for infants usually takes place after a period of instruction for parents so that they understand more readily the commitment they are about to undertake.

If you, or a family you know, would be interested in this course please visit the Parish website Parish Events page to sign up for the next course.

The First Holy Communion Course will start in September.   Please visit the Parish web-site Parish Events page to sign your child up to join the course or contact the Parish Office if you would like to know more.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all those who supported my fundraising event for POKOT in any way, especially my hard working helpers Jane, Felicity and Jill.  Thanks to your generosity we raised £270.  I still have some cakes for sale.  Win 275573


Diocesan Dialogue and Unity Day

Course Date: 23/Sep/2017

Come along to the Diocesan Dialogue and Unity day – share with other Catholics

Saturday 23 September 2017 10am – 4pm

Christian Education Centre (DABCEC)

4 Southgate Drive, Crawley RH10 6RP

Bring a friend from a church near you!


We are pleased to welcome representatives from two Ro-man Catholic Communities, both with a charism for Unity, to inspire us in our work for Dialogue & Unity in the Diocese.

Rev. Tim & Kate Watson, members of the Chemin Neuf Community will be help us to:

‘Explore how the Holy Spirit is opening new ways to work for unity.’

We will welcome Ann Gavin from the Focolare Movement, who will offer us ‘Tools for Dialogue’.

We will also hear from the Association of Interchurch Families regarding their mutual support and guidance materials.

Tea & coffee available from 9.45am and throughout the day, with cake for afternoon tea.  Please bring a packed lunch.

Book your place now online using the green button, or by phone to Ruth Gerun 01293 651164 or email

CAFOD Meeting

Please come and join us on Tuesday 12th September at 7:30pm until 9pm in the hall at St Mary’s  Rydes Hill Guildford GU2 8BP. This year’s Harvest Fast day is focussing on El Salvador and the challenges facing farmers there which is quite fitting as it is 100 years since the birth of Blessed Oscar Romero. Everyone is welcome for more information please contact Mar-tin or call 01483 898866

Day of Reflection for Readers

Led by Bishop Richard

•          Talks on the Scriptures,

the Lectionary and its use in the Liturgy, the Liturgy of the Word,

preparing to read, using microphones

•          Lectio Divina

•          Mass

Saturday 16th September 2017 at Sacred Heart Church, Cobham

(25 Between Streets, KT11 1AA) 11.00am – 4.00pm

Arrivals, tea/coffee from 10.30am Please bring a packed lunch

Booking is essential as places are limited!

To book: or phone: 01293 651164

Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Trust is a Registered Charity No.252878

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