Third Sunday of Advent – 17.12.17

Third Sunday of Advent – 17.12.17

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Gaudete Sunday!  What, I hear you say?  Gaudete is Latin for Rejoice! and we are asked to do just that. The first reading is from the so called “Gospel of consolation in the Prophet Isiaih and St Paul in the second reading urges us to be happy; always happy in the Lord .  Even the vestments are rose colour.

Rose is a lighter version of violet, because today the penitential violet is mixed with the white of the approaching festival.

It is part of human nature that we cannot go on being penitent for a long time, or we sink into a settled and insincere gloom rather than working at the definite and active spiritual exercise called penance. The Church knows human nature, and both in Advent and Lent there is a moment where the atmosphere of penance and preparation is brightened by a shaft of light from the glorious season we are preparing ourselves for.

The third Sunday of Advent tells us ‘Gaudéte, rejoice!’ because the Lord is near and the fourth Sunday of Lent says ‘Lætáre, Ierúsalem, be joyful, Jerusalem, and all who love her!’ because she herself is loved by the Lord. On Gaudete and Laetare Sundays, therefore, the dark penitential violet may be lightened to what the documents call ‘rose’ but most laymen would call ‘pink’.

This happens where it is traditional, and appropriate, and vestments of this extra colour are available. Otherwise there is nothing wrong in keeping violet as violet. Ultimately the liturgical colours are there to serve us, not we to serve them.

With my love and prayers.  Fr David

The Church at Cranleigh will be decorated on Saturday at 11am.  Please join the small team of volunteers to help string fairy lights and decorate the tree.   Your help is needed and would be greatly appreciated.


A day of prayer, adoration and reconciliation at St Joseph’s Guildford.

Day – Saturday 16th December: Time: 5am until 5pm.

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for adoration throughout the day and priests will be available also to hear confessions and absolve penitents.

Come, stay as long as you like and then go to do some shopping (if you really must!)

The Advent Reconciliation Service will take place THIS Sunday 17th December in Cranleigh at 3pm.  Our First Holy Communion children (30+ of them!) will be receiving their First Reconciliation.  All people of the parish are encouraged to attend.  You might like to come to the service even if you intend to make your confession the following weekend and use the penitential service as a helpful and joyful examination of conscience to help prepare yourself.

Christmas Lunch – Please join us for friendship and fellowship the annual Parish Christmas Lunch is on Tuesday 19th December in the Bramley Parish Room after the 11h30 Mass. It’s a traditional 3 course Christmas dinner with trimmings and wine – great value at £6! Numbers are limited to 24, so please contact Bev (892712 or or Dinah (271241) to book a space.

Some gentle reminders….

Finance Appeal – have you returned an updated Standing Order form to Trish yet?  Have you thought about joining the Gift Aid Scheme if you pay tax and are not yet a member?  If you do the Chancellor gives us an extra 25% at no extra cost to you.  See Trish for further info.

Parish Mission – Have you returned your questionnaire yet?  Or even looked at it?  Can I urge you to, please, as not only are your opinions important to us and the Bishop, but the fact that you are thinking about the mission and life of the Church, and your part in it, will be a great advantage to us.

Registered with us? – Are you new (or old) to the parish but have not given us your details?  Make a note to yourself to tell us about yourself in the new year once Christmas has quietened down a bit.  It really does help us communicate with you, visit you, and know who’s who in the Parish.

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