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The usefulness of the Pound a Week donations

By In Pokot On September 7, 2013

We recently sent from the Pound a Week Group the really wonderful sum of £2,400 to Fr David Conway at the Barpello Mission in East Pokot.  Of this, £300 was from a parishioner to pay the fees for a student at the secondary school for a year.  A further £220 was from two other parishioners to help the family of Patrick Lomalimal who was so tragically killed on his way home to his village.  I told Fr David that he was free to use the remainder of the money where he believed the need was greatest and he has now told me that he has divided it between 12 very needy students from poor families to help pay their school fees and other expenses.

Yet another parishioner offered to buy an animal for Patrick’s family and the £200 she donated will be used to buy 3 or 4 milking goats.  This is a great gift for the family who will benefit not just from the milk (and of course the surplus can be sold) but they will also now have the beginnings of a small breeding herd.

In his last email message, Fr David said that he was so very grateful for the kindness and generous support from the Pound a Week Group for the work of his Mission amongst the Pokot people.

Progress on the kitchen and dining hall at the Rotu Mission

Last week we sent £3,450 went to Fr Sean McGovern at the Rotu Mission representing the net Gift Aid Tax refund on the £15,000 donation from a parish family earlier this year to build the kitchen and dining hall at the primary school which is now nearing completion.  Fr Sean immediately bought a welding machine and all the necessary bits which he said would be a great help in further work at the school and Mission.  It will be used immediately to make the frames for the dining hall tables.

In his message Fr Sean said, “It was great news to read your email message about the £3,450 donation, clear evidence of the Pound a Week’s extraordinary generosity and concern for the less well off in the world.  The Pokot people are certainly in that category.  The kindness of the Group to our Mission projects over the last 17 years continues to amaze me.  God bless you all.”

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