The Transfiguration of the Lord

The Transfiguration of the Lord

By In Newsletter Blog On August 3, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters

“The disciples fell on their faces overcome with fear” – and well they might!  They, and we, like things to be kept “normal” most of the time.  It helps us to know who and where we are.  When extraordinary things happen it re-ally shakes our sense of “normality” and can be frightening.  The Transfiguration is just one such occasion for Peter, James and John.  They must have felt the glow of specialness when they were asked to accompany Jesus for a bit of one – to – one time.  But Jesus actually wanted to share with them an insight into who he truly is.  He is the Son of God and what happened up there on that mountain revealed in shining reality his relationship with the Divine and with all those others who had an intimate relationship with the Divine.  What Peter, James and John got in actual fact was a little glimpse into heaven and into the intimate relationship of Jesus with the Divine.

It was all too much reality to take in, in reality!  As so often happens when our minds are overloaded with too much reality we try to give ourselves something to do – and Peter does not disappoint, suggesting building some tents for Jesus, Elijah and Moses.  The important thing though, isn’t the tents!  It’s the recognition of Jesus by the Father – “This is my Beloved Son – listen to Him.”  We should listen to Him and also recognise that Jesus is not only revealing who he is but showing us something about ourselves.  We too are made for communion with God.  We too are made to share this dignity of being called Sons and Daughters of God.  We are made for sharing in God’s own life – in that intimate interior life of the Blessed and Holy Trinity.  Jesus was showing His disciples the true purpose of life – of His life and of our life.  His life – to open up a way into life with God through his death on the cross – and our lives too for when we live “in communion” with each other and with God we share in the di-vine life as a gift – it’s called grace and its given freely and absolutely generously.  God wants us to share in His life – it’s what he made us for.  In Jesus we see just how he wants us to be – faithful, kind, serving, and, loving.  When we allow ourselves to be taken up into divine love we see exactly what we shall become.  Some people “get it” and live that future life here and now.  Others don’t get it and struggle and kick and strain.  Let us, at least allow Jesus to show us pour true dignity as human beings in creation and then try to respond with lives of faith.

With my love and prayers, your priest, Fr David

There will be reduced Parish Office Hours during School Holidays.  Messages can be left on email or voicemail.

The office will be open as follows:

Thurs 10th Aug 8.45-4.45 and Fri 11th Aug 8.45-11.45

Thurs 17th Aug 8.45-4.45 and Fri 18th Aug 8.45-11.45

The Office will be closed weeks beginning 21st and 28th August

and will reopen on Tuesday 5th September with full hours



Please note there is a Holy Day of Obligation (The Assumption of the BVM) Tuesday 15th August

Masses as follows:

10am at Cranleigh and 8pm at Bramley

CAFOD Meeting

Please come and join us on Tuesday 12th September at 7:30pm until 9pm in the hall at St Mary’s  Rydes Hill Guildford GU2 8BP. This year’s Harvest Fast day is focussing on El Salvador and the challenges facing farmers there which is quite fitting as it is 100 years since the birth of Blessed Oscar Romero. Everyone is welcome for more information please contact Mar-tin or call 01483 898866


Cranleigh and Bramley Parish are holding the next Baptism Course on 30th August and 6th September.

Baptism for infants usually takes place after a period of instruction for parents so that they understand more readily the commitment they are about to undertake.

If you, or a family you know, would be interested in this course please visit the Parish website Parish Events page to sign up for the next course.


The Parish First Holy Communion Course will start in September.   Please visit the Parish website Parish Events page to sign your child up to join the course or contact the Parish Office if you would like to know more.





On Wednesday, we sent the wonderful sum of £6,000 to Pokot, three thousand pounds each to Fr David Conway at Barpello and Fr Sean McGovern at Rotu. Here is Fr Sean’s response:

“Once more the £ a Week Group continues to amaze me. A thousand thanks Eugene to the Group for this new donation of £3,000.

As I had mentioned to you previously, I will use £1,000 for my new Nursery school which is now well on the way. Now with this increase I would like to increase that to £1,500 as there are several pending requirements.

The other £1,500 I would like to use towards the purchase of a manually operated stone crusher to produce ballast for block making and concrete work. It is needed for the ongoing church building and the building later on of a second classroom for the new nursery school.

Kenya has had good rain in recent weeks but I’m afraid not a great deal here in Rotu. A lot of thunder and lightning and cloudy days but only 4 mm of rain in the past week. Today was the coldest day of the year at 29.1 C.

Again a thousand thanks Eugene and to all at the £ a Week Group my kindest greetings.

God bless.  Sean”

I will report further when Fr Conway has decided how to use his share of the funds.

Eugene McGivern at or 01483-893379.


The Farming Community Network offer free and confidential support.  Visit or call 03000 111 999


Manna Ministries Summer Fun day – open to all Churches and Families in the area. Please join us 18th August 2pm-8pm

As part of our Summer events, we will be having a Family Fun day this summer. Manna Academy attracts children from over 20 different churches in the Guildford and Godalming area and we would love to make the event open to any families that would like to attend.

Diocesan Dialogue and Unity Day 2017

We are pleased to announce more details of the Dialogue and Unity Day 2017 being held on Saturday 23 September 2017, 10-4pm at DABCEC Crawley.  The theme is Exploring how the Holy Spirit is opening new ways to work for unity.  We have two Roman Catholic Communities who have a charism for unity joining us for the day and we look forward to welcoming you too! Bring a packed lunch and a friend from another church.  Book online at>Courses>DialogueandUnity or by phone 01293 651164

ADORE (Alton Day Of REnewal) – Saturday 19th August 11.00-4.00

You are warmly welcome to a mini-retreat day (or morning/afternoon) of spiritual refreshment and renewal, focussing on the Charisms or gifts of the Holy Spirit. At Alton Convent, Anstey Lane, Alton GU34 2NG. 11.00amRosary; 11.30am Mass celebrated by Fr Nicholas Broad-bridge; 12.15 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; 1.00pm Shared lunch; 2.00pm Praise & Worship; 2.30 Talk “Gift of Miracles” by Deacon John Foley and Fr Nicholas Broadbridge 3.30 Prayer for healing. We end about 4pm. There is no need to register in advance, and no charge (though a collection will be taken to cover costs).

For more information and directions, see poster or website:

Or telephone Deacon John Foley on 07769 251747.

The following month, on Saturday 23rd September, our guest speaker will be David Matthews talking about the Gifts of Prophecy and Tongues.


CEDAR COURT is having a BIG SING on Friday 18th August at 2pm.  Everyone is invited to join for half an hour to join in the singing.



There are still spaces free for the Coach trip to Canterbury on Friday 8th September if you, or someone you know, would like to join.


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