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The price of maize has almost doubled

By In Pokot On May 7, 2011

I see the Pound a Week Group as our partners in our mission to the marginalised, trying to make Pokot a better place for its people.  Progress in development has been wonderful over the last 31 years.  It has been difficult, sometimes slow and sometimes with a certain amount of frustration.  But the Pound a Week Group through their kindness have been wonderful people who really have shown an option for the poor.

The drought continues.  This year the rivers did not flow and food is scarce and very expensive.  Maize (90kgs) which I bought three months ago for 2,600 Kenya shillings (about £22) today delivered to Barpello the same maize is costing 4,100 shillings, almost twice the price.  Please convey my thanks to the people in the parish for their continuing generous support and prayers.

Fr David

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