The Most Holy Trinity – 16.06.19

The Most Holy Trinity – 16.06.19

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The Holy Trinity

Jews of Jesus’ time were very used to describing God (whose Name was never uttered because it was too holy) in descriptive terms.  They thought of him as their Father.  He was their Lord, who was also their shepherd.

Jesus referred to God in very relational terms – not, in other words, in abstract terms.  He was not “almighty God” even though Jesus new him to be almighty.  He was a personal God meaning, not that he belonged to any individual, but that God had made himself relatable to as a person. For Jesus this was, supremely, as Father.  Or in a slight twist on the theme as ‘Abba’.  In the farewell discourses given to his disciples in the upper room Jesus moved beyond a mere relationship of Father – Son but claimed that “the Father and I are one” (John 10:30).  He urged his disciples to build a Church in which all was united in the same way so that “all may know it was the Father who sent me.”

This language which is paradoxical – speaking of a unity and yet also of an individuality – forced the young church to try to work out just how Jesus, the man, could be one with the Father and yet also be sent by the Father, and do the will of the Father and pray to the Father in heaven, and yet also be plainly and visibly a human being subject to the laws of nature.

Questions about Jesus’ human nature and divine nature inevitably led on to discussions about the nature of God.  How could God be one, and yet have a Father – Son relationship and also send the Holy Spirit?

These questions were eventually answered in the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity which was made a dogma, an article of faith, in the Council of Nicea in AD325. That God is One is robustly maintained but that he is also, within His unity, three persons who are consubstantial is our faith.  It is a direct consequence of the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery.  Looking through sacred scripture we can see hints of God beginning to be understood in this way even though the theology hadn’t caught up yet!

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Now that Pentecost has passed, we hope you have enjoyed expanding your talents. Please arrange for the multiplied monies to be returned to the Parish Office along with your original allocated number.   The Parish Office is still available to assist you in any way that help your endeavours so please make contact.

A Craft Sale is being planned on Sunday 7th July after Mass at Cranleigh. Please let the Parish Office know if you would like to have a table allocated for your use. 

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