Thanks from Fr Sean at Rotu

Thanks from Fr Sean at Rotu

By In Pokot On June 7, 2011

Very many thanks for your most generous donation on £2,520 to the Mission at Rotu.  This will be a great help with my work here for the camels for the people, plus the little school which is just getting going.

In the school we have divided the children into two classes, the very small ones in nursery and the “more advanced” in Standard One.  Literacy is a great problem for the people here as not one can read or write.  I give the children a meal every day and at the moment it is being cooked under a tree. I hope to get a small kitchen built with the help of your kind donation.

Camels are of course the main livelihood of the people and I was able to give away 21 recently and hope to give more in the next few months.  They are the most prized animals especially for their milk.  A thousand thanks to the Pound a Week Group.  What a remarkable success story the Group is. God bless you all.

Fr Sean McGovern

As the paper says, “Sadly, government has seemed incapable of finding a solution but educating students from warring pastoralist communities under one roof is seen as a winning solution to ending the incessant fighting over pasture and water for their animals.”

In the article Fr David Conway put it like this. “We strongly believe that children who share the same dormitory and grow up and study together for four years, will not fight each other when they go back into their communities.”

Barpello High School

A few donations were made specifically to pay for the annual school fees (£200) for a child at the secondary school, otherwise Fr David will use the money where he believes the need is greatest.

I believe that he is planning to use some of it to give milking camels to those families who lost parents during the cholera epidemic last November.  More on this when I hear from him.

In the meantime, may I on behalf of Fr David thank all the supporters of his work in the Barpello Mission for their wonderful generosity.

You really do make a difference.

Eugene McGivern

There has been no rain since November last year.  What water there is to be found is contaminated and people are travelling long distances to find potable water.

People and animals are dying from dehydration, starvation and disease.

I was also able to contribute to the purchase of uni-mix food (used to ward off starvation) which we distribute to young children and pregnant mothers when they attend our rural mobile clinics for immunization and ante-natal care.

I also used some of the funds to renovate a hand dug well which provides clean water and you will be glad to hear that this was very successful.

Barpello High School has just begun its third year.  We have 85 students in Forms 2 and 3.  On 24 January 45 new students will enter Form 1.  The school is going through an unstable time as students are not able to afford even modest fees, let alone the £184 annual fees we need.

An important milestone was reached this year for the East Pokot Medical Project when I was able to hand over my work as Project Co-ordinator to one of the local personnel, Sr Esther Mwaniki.  This is part of Mission policy of devolving responsibility to local people when they feel confident enough to take it on.”

Fr David

However, in the last couple of weeks we got an offer of a large herd of 200 camels, all from good stock.  We did all in our power not to lose this offer and gathered up bits and pieces of cash where we could.  Your generous donation could not have come at a better time.

Again Fr David sends his thanks for our support for the work of his Mission.

If you would to know more about Pokot or the Pound a Week Group, do get in touch.

Eugene McGivern

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