Sunday 30th June – Ss Peter & Paul, Apostles

Sunday 30th June – Ss Peter & Paul, Apostles

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Well, things have come full circle – as you can see if you are holding this week’s newsletter in your hands.  Personally, I am glad that we tried a few things out but sometimes the most obvious thing is the best option!

I asked you all what your thoughts were on the monthly newsletter and the fact that less than ten people bothered to respond told me all I needed to know, really.  It’s not had any impact on the large proportion of the congregation – so we will stop it until such a time as the need, or desire, becomes more obvious. Hopefully someone from the parish community can then move it forward.

This Sunday we keep the special feast of Ss Peter and Paul.  The gospel majors on an event in Peter’s relationship with Jesus – Henry Wanborough OSB calls it a “shaft of light” in Peter’s understanding.  This is an accurate and telling analogy.  Up to this point, Peter, along with the other disciples has been ‘following’ Jesus – hearing his powerful and amazing stories, witnessing his miracles, noticing how he wielded a new kind of authority over the religious leaders of his time – and yet, at the same time, failing to really comprehend what this all meant.

Today, a shaft of light illuminates Peter’s mind – he is able to say, “You are the Christ”.  Like most people, then, and now, however, exactly what “the Christ” meant seems to have remained a bit obscure to Peter.  He had glimpsed, either emotionally or intellectually, what Jesus was about, but now was the time for him to start to unravel all the ‘cultural baggage’ that surrounded the term “The Christ.”

In Jewish thought the Messiah, or the Christ, was a person anointed (from which the term comes) by God to save Israel – to deal with her enemies finally and completely, to restore the throne of David and through Israel, now secure in peace, to begin the process of bringing peace and justice to the whole world.  At the centre of this process was the people of God – Israel.  The messiah was thought to be a great figure like Moses, Elijah and Abraham.

Jesus’ own understanding of this role, while including some of these things actually seemed to go much further – Jesus introduces the notion of the Kingdom of God which he inaugurates in himself and completes at some point in the future.  He comes to bring peace and justice and to call back Israel to fidelity and righteousness. He doesn’t appear to be interested in establishing Israel as ‘top dog’ but to introduce a new concept – the universal love of God for all his creation and all peoples.  This will involve suffering.  This will be Peter’s first big test of his understanding of what Messiah (Christ) means.  He doesn’t do all that well, actually.  He earns a rebuke from Jesus.  It is only after his denial of Jesus and the resurrection that he makes progress.

There isn’t room to go into Paul’s own journey of faith and understanding.  Suffice it to say that it too is a journey that takes time with ever deeper revelations of who Jesus is and the message he brings.

The question for us is how is our own journey progressing?  Have we got stuck with an idea of ‘The Christ” that isn’t fit for purpose or accurate? We all need to be moving on this journey of faith.  God bless you.  Fr David

Anointing-of-the-Sick-web.jpgHospitals – Are you, or someone you know, or love, going into hospital soon?  Or is there someone in hospital that you think might like to see a priest?  If you don’t tell me personally, I find it very difficult to know!  I am always most happy to visit our own RSCH or other local hospitals or arrange for a chaplain in more distant places to visit.  If you are going in for a planned visit it is a good idea to tell me before hand as I can visit you at home and even anoint you in serious cases.  Contact the Office 272075 to inform and arrange.

becomingcatholic-1024x472.jpgAre you, or someone you know interested in becoming a catholic?  If you are then you need to make contact for an initial chat.  We start the programme in the autumn and this runs through until the following Easter with some significant milestones along the way.  I should stress that it is a process of discovering what God is calling you to and not a conveyor belt.  You can delay for another year or even change your mind altogether. We want to accompany you in your journey of faith.
Contact the Office or Fr David.  272075

20151014cnsbr0951-800x500.jpgDear young people – make the most of these years of your youth. Don’t observe life from a balcony. Don’t confuse happiness with an armchair or live your life behind a screen. Whatever you do, do not become the sorry sight of an abandoned vehicle! Don’t be parked cars but dream freely and make good decisions. Take risks, even if it means making mistakes. Don’t go through life anaesthetised. Live! Give yourselves over to the best of life! Open the door of the cage, go out and fly! Please, don’t take early retirement. (Pope Francis Christus Vivit)

FHC Sign up.pngFirst Holy Communion 2020 If you would like your child [or someone you know] to attend the next First Holy Communion course please apply using the Parish Events link on the website. Year 3 in September 2019.

holy-communion-clip-art-first--1101935.jpgConfirmation 2020 If you would like your child [or someone you know] to attend the next Confirmation course please apply using the Parish Events link on the website. Year 10 in September 2019.

Please note there will be no Mass in Bramley on Tuesday 2nd July. 

Congratulations to the 300 Club July Winners, Sarah H, Patricia P and Felicity I.

Parish Database
As members of our Parish we hold your personal information securely.  Please email you would like to view or amend your information.

CAMEO-Logo-with-text.png2nd July – the ladies of the CAMEO Parish meeting in the Lady Chapel of Cranleigh at 7.30pm for reflection and discussion.

9th July – The funeral Mass for Michael Myhill will take place at 11am at St Thomas More.

th.jpeg11th July – The first of two Baptism Courses commences. You can sign up to these courses on the Parish website events page.

the-walled-garden-at-cowdray-park.jpg16th July the Parish Trip to Cowdray Park will now be by car and if you would like to join in the car share please contact the Parish Office. Leave Cranleigh 2pm for a visit to the tea room and walled garden and will depart Cowdray at 5pm.  Please sign up using the Parish website events page or let the Parish office know that you would like to attend.

Y6_Leavers_Mass.jpg18th July – The St Cuthbert Mayne Year 6 Leavers Mass will take place in Cranleigh at 1.30pm.

rosary-istock-185068527.jpeg27th July – The Bereavement Mass will take place in Cranleigh from 10am. This Mass is open to all members of the Cranleigh Community along with a gathered coffee meeting at 10.30am.   If you think someone may benefit by joining this Mass or Coffee, please invite them.

Now that Pentecost has passed, we hope you have enjoyed expanding your talents.  Please arrange for the multiplied monies to be returned to the Parish Office along with your original allocated number.  The Parish Office is still available to assist you in any way that help your endeavours so please make contact.

shutterstock_170340788.jpgA Church always on the defensive, which loses her humility and stops listening to others, which leaves no room for questions, loses her youth and turns into a museum.  (Pope Francis Christus Vivit)

Craft sale in aid of Talents Parish Room
Sunday 7th July 12 noon
Baking by Viviana, Plants by Anne Miller
Knitting by Vera Carballo, Books by Ian

21784240331_85e7c01330_h.jpgYou can become what God your Creator knows you are, if only you realize that you are called to something greater. Ask the help of the Holy Spirit and confidently aim for the great goal of holiness. In this way, you will not be a photocopy. You will be fully yourself.  (Pope Francis Christus Vivit)

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