Student requirements

Student requirements

By In Pokot On May 7, 2012

Here are some extracts from a letter from Cleophas Krop Lomadi, the young boy who was awarded the first Fr Ken memorial Scholarship that has paid his fees for the full four years at the Mission Secondary School.  Another student, a girl by the name of Lopakan Kasigho Jackline, is the second recipient of the scholarship and we are paying her fees annually.

“I thank you all for your support which for me is immeasurable.  You have pulled me from poverty to a more stable and promising position and I appreciate that very much.  Owing to the Fr Ken Freeman Memorial Scholarship my parents’ lives have been a bit more stable, but as my brother has emerged from primary school and got a place in Form 1 they have faced great difficulties.  They struggle so much to satisfy their daily needs and it was only due to my mother’s hardworking that they were able to pay my brother’s fees for the first two terms this year.  I don’t know the way forward but I believe in God everything is possible.

For me to get money for my requirements, I struggle in the holidays looking for work.  Once I get something I send some money home and the rest I save for my requirements.

I wish you all well and send my greetings to your Church.  In my Church I am a Sunday School teacher and like spending time helping the younger children.  I love God and know Jesus is my Saviour so bye and God bless you all.

Cleophas                      Krop              Lomadi

(Christian name)         (Rain)             (Bull). “

Cleophas’ reference to his “requirements” is the money he needs to feed himself during holidays and pay for those things every student has to provide e.g. uniform, mattress, exercise books, toiletries, shoe polish and haircutting etc.  These school costs amount to approximately 6,000 Kenyan Shillings (about £50).  If anyone would like more information about sponsoring a student by paying the school tuition and boarding fees (£250 last year), or these extra costs, please get in touch.  Eugene McGivern

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