Sad news from Pokot

Sad news from Pokot

By In Pokot On August 7, 2013

Fr David Conway told me that two weeks ago the Head Prefect at the Mission secondary school was killed in a tragic accident.  Patrick Kukat Lomalimal, aged 17 and a boy of great promise, was on holiday from school and jumped from the back of the lorry which was giving him a lift to a spot near his home village.  He caught his clothing on a hook and was dragged along at night out of sight of the driver.  He was found on the road next morning.

Fr David went immediately to the boy’s village some 35 miles away to console the family.  He told me he was used to seeing the hardship families faced in East Pokot but that he was shocked at the poverty Patrick’s family were living in and their great distress, made worse by the fact that they had no money to pay for their son’s funeral.

On that at least Fr David was able to help them by using £150 of the money we sent him from the Pound a Week Group to meet all the funeral and transport expenses.

Fr David has asked for our prayers for Patrick and his distraught family.

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