Sad news from one of our students

Sad news from one of our students

By In Pokot On April 7, 2012

Thank you for the very generous donation from the Pound a Week Group of £2,800.  I can assure you this will be well used at the Mission and the school.

The rains have come at last, but we are never happy.  The downpour was so heavy the roads suffered badly and are treacherous.  This is the first time in two weeks I have had email due to the dense cloud overcast.

The student I have selected to receive the second of the Fr Ken Freeman Memorial Scholarships is a girl by the name of Lopakan Kasigho Jackline and she will write to you shortly.

I have the very sad news that the mother of a student a Pound a Week Group member is sponsoring died of TB a few days ago.  His father died of the disease a year ago.  We collected some food from the Mission for the family and took the boy back to the family house that was deserted as the people tend to abandon a place where a death occurred.  His mother had been buried that morning and his older brother and sister and former neighbours begged him to return to school to complete his studies as they had little food and few prospects.  I am glad to say he did come back with us.  A sad story which is a result of the extreme poverty many people suffer here.

Thank you all for your kindness and support for the Mission.

Fr David Conway

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