By In Pokot On March 7, 2015

Fr Conway sent me the results for the 85 students from the Mission school who sat the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education in November last year.

Two achieved an A- grade.

Nine achieved B+

Eighteen B

Eighteen B-

Twenty eight C+

Six C

One C-

The Passmark is grade D.

Results are pending in the three other cases.

The mean score for the school on a scale of 1 to 10 was 8; and the mean grade was B-.

Fr Conway tells me that these were the best results ever for the school since the students first sat the KCSE exams in 2010.

The boy Lomadi Cleophas, who received the Fr Ken Memorial Scholarship which paid for his four years at the school, achieved a C+ grade.

You may recall the boy Dennis Rippo who with his sister took work to look after their two siblings when their parents died and who survived outside term time by eating the food left over by the family the sister worked for.  We sent the little family £200 to celebrate Christmas together and a member of the Pound a Week Group paid Dennis’ fees for his final year at the school.  He achieved an overall B grade.

Fr Conway will let me know if any of the students we sponsored are called to college or university.

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