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In the year to 31st December 2014 our Parish Pound a Week Group sent the magnificent sum of £36,050 to the Missions in East Pokot, Kenya.  This was by far the largest donation the Group has made since it was set up in September 1996 to help relieve poverty and spread the Gospel of God’s love to people in the Third World.  We had on hand at year-end a further £3727.

Breakdown of £36,050

£5,762 came from the tax refunds on donations made under the Gift Aid scheme (partly in 2013).  £4,159 was donated specifically to pay the fees of thirteen students being sponsored by individual members of the Pound a Week Group at the Barpello Mission’s secondary school.  A further £12,000 was received over the year in oneoff donationsfollowing Fr David Conway’s reports of the harrowing effects of the worst drought in living memory.  The greater part of the balance of £14,129 came from the weekly and monthly donations in the little orange Pokot envelopes, but it also includes some £600 in donations from Open Gardens, donations made in memory of deceased relatives and money raised by parishioners who asked family and friends to make a donation instead of buying birthday or anniversary presents.

How was the money spent?

In addition to the £4,159 mentioned above for school fees, Fr David Conway used a further £3,250 to award part scholarships to ten students whose parents could no longer pay their fees because of the effects of the drought.  Another £6,000 went to Fr Sean McGovern at the Mission in Rotu, East Pokot for emergency food relief.  The remainder of £22,641 was also used by Fr David Conway to buy emergency food rations, including £6,000 spent on a special food programme for young children distributed at eleven outstations from the Barpello Mission.


These came to a total of £120 in respect of four lots of bank fees for the transfer of funds to Pokot.  The only other expense was the cost of the Pound a Week Group envelopes which a member of the Group paid.

A Closing Message

“I have said it before that I regard the Pound a Week Group as my partner in our Missionary work here in East Pokot.  It is that partnership which makes the eradication of poverty here through works of charity a very great possibility.  You are all remembered in my prayers at Mass.  Please remember us all here in your prayers.  May God bless you all.   Fr David Conway CSSp.”

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