Pokot Missions – Latest news

Pokot Missions – Latest news

By In Pokot On January 22, 2020

Hello All

On 14 January we sent the magnificent sum of £6,500 to the Pokot Missions. Of this £1,900 was for Fr Sean McGovern at the Rotu Mission and £4,600 for Fr Paul Kamau at the Barpello School. Fr Sean is using £1,200 to help meet pressing needs at his nursery school and £700 was discretionary funds to use where he sees the greatest need. I will let you know what he decides.

Of the money sent to Fr Paul, £3,965 was to pay school and university/college fees of students being sponsored by members of the Pound A Week Group. I told him the balance of £635 was to help meet part of the first year running costs of his Tailoring Project, but that he was free to use the funds elsewhere if he saw a more pressing need.


Here is what he asked me:-  I have a pressing need at the moment with the £635 because the nursery school in Barpello has lost three quarters of the children due to lack of food. Sr appealed to me for food yesterday and so I will use that to buy maize, beans and rice for the nursery school and some for the primary school also.
The remaining I will buy extra bags of maize and beans which I can distribute with specific rations to the nursery children and the primary school. This really helps to manage the school budget. The national government and county government are responsible to provide food but for-sure this may happen too late in term or never at all.   Hope this arrangement is ok.

The following photo tells you my reply. I have some other funds earmarked to help with the Tailoring running costs.

Best wishes


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