Passion Sunday 14.04.19

Passion Sunday 14.04.19

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Thought for the Week

jesus-his-life-judas-gettyimages-167075498-feature.jpgDuring Holy Week we hear of a death.  But I’m not talking of Jesus this time.  I’m talking of Judas Iscariot – the man who was to betray Jesus. Perhaps, because, as Christians, we believe in the ‘other side’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection we do not give too much thought to this unfortunate man.  But I think we can at least, many of us, identify with him as a person who makes a dreadful mistake and pays the price.

What caused Judas to betray Jesus is a debate that still causes theologians to have interesting conversations.  Was he, as St John describes him, an underhand sort of fellow – a petty thief and a weak person driven by money?  Or was he, in a more sympathetic reading, a person caught up in events beyond his personal understanding and control?  Or was he simply lied to and manipulated by those who had neither his, nor Jesus’ interests at heart?

Some experts have argued that, in fact, Judas was of the Zealot party. In Jewish culture and politics of his time this group longed to be free of the yoke of the Roman, or indeed any, non-Jewish political power.  Eventually this group would bring ruin on Israel in the Jewish wars that raged at the end of the first century.  It may, then, be the case that Judas joined up with Jesus and his movement thinking that he would initiate the revolution that he had in mind.  Perhaps he thought that Jesus would turn out, after all, to be the true messiah he had in his head.  As things were turning out though this seemed unlikely – unless – perhaps he could be forced to show his hand and reveal himself?  By betraying Jesus into the hands of the authorities Judas may have hoped that Jesus would reveal himself finally and decisively.  Jesus might fight with God’s angels against the pagans.  He might provoke a revolution which would place him at the centre of power.  Again, he might not do those things – because incapable of them – but then, at least, Judas would know not to bother any more. Perhaps, even if he was crucified he would reveal himself as the true messiah in one last impressive show of holy power – even from the cross.

That Jesus was to die on the cross brought the hopes of Judas to a full stop – and others too.  Most fled in order to resume ‘life before Jesus’. But Judas, what of him? Where can he go?  What can he do?

Well, Judas succumbed to the greatest sin of all, perhaps.  The sin of despair and hopelessness.  For him not only were his hopes crushed but his life, as he understood it was not worth living.  He took his own life.  Good riddance is the thrust of St John’s gospel.

But, will, can, God forgive Judas?  Will we meet him in a new world with a new hope? Will his betrayal be wiped out?  I hope so!   Fr David

115.jpgChurches Together in Cranleigh There are 3 opportunities for bearing witness/evangelisation:

On Thursday 11th April outside the Co-op handing out the Holy Week and Easter leaflets from 8am to 1pm.  If you can help for just an hour, or longer, please ring Rosemary Gooding on 274855.

Palm Sunday 14th April 10am Short service and Procession from the common with Chester the donkey.

Good Friday 19th April 10.20am Gather at the Lych Gate in Church Lane and process with the Cross to Stocklund Square for Service of Witness at 10.45am to remember Christ’s death.

Please do try to play your part.  We need strong men to help carry the cross.  Please speak to Father David.

cache_4088523715.pngCare Group Meeting to be held on Friday 26th April at 11am in Cranleigh Parish room

Easter-Offering_logo.jpgEaster Offerings
The Finance Committee would like to remind you that all Easter monetary gifts for Father David should be placed in an envelope clearly marked with “Father David”. This includes cash or cheques made payable to “David Osborne”. ​Pre-addressed envelopes will be ​available at the back of both Bramley and Cranleigh churches. Any loose cash or unmarked envelopes placed in the collection plate will be assumed to be a gift to the Parish funds.

DSC_1026.jpegPokot News  There is widespread drought and hunger in East Pokot with deaths reported in Baringo County where the Barpello Mission and school is located. Both the Missions at Barpello and Rotu have been heavily involved in getting food and water to the people and Fr Sean has told me that the fact that there have been no deaths in Rotu is due mainly to the number of people he is feeding each day. There is a full report from both Missions on our Parish website which has already been circulated to members of the Pound a Week Group for whom I have email addresses. The good news is that in the last two weeks we have sent £9,300 to the Missions, all but £325 (for school fees) was used to buy emergency food supplies. Please contact me if you would like more information on  or 01483-893379.  Eugene McGivern

Unknown-1.jpegMother’s Day Flowers Thank you to all loyal Parishioners, for buying our posies and bouquets, for Mother’s Day.  We hope you all had a lovely Mothering Sunday. Our contribution to the talents scheme is £413.50 . Marvellous!!  Thank you all so much from the flower arrangers.

1456168217407.pngFinancial Giving: The Financial Giving in March was very generous and a thank-you to all who gave whatever the amount. Our year to date March Offertory is £28433 versus our target £25000 (+£3433). The Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room Debt  outstanding is now £37338 at the end of March (thank you to several very substantial donations) and, with pledges made to the end of Feb 2020, will be at approx £15000 outstanding at that time. However, with the various Fundraising Activities still to feed through e.g. The Talents Scheme, a possible Concert and other individual efforts , it is a realistic expectation that the debt can be cleared by the end of Feb 2020. The Tracking for the Offertory and The Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room are shown graphically on the Notice Board at the rear of both Churches and they will be updated monthly.

 images-1.jpegSUMMER HOLIDAYS

“You did not choose me but I chose you: and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit  and that your fruit should abide; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, He may give it to you. This I command you to love one another.” J 15, 16-17

As a parish community we would like to ensure that every family can get a break away during the summer holidays. Please let us know if you would appreciate some assistance  in organising/funding a few days away. The forms to be filled will be in the porches of both churches. Alternatively, please contact Magdalena Norris on:

At the same time, we are appealing for your support for this initiative. We ask most importantly for your prayers. Secondly please let us know if you have a holiday place or any accommodation that you would be happy for somebody to use for part of the holidays. Last of all we would appreciate any financial support you can offer.  If you would like to donate any funds directly to the Parish bank account, details can be obtained from the Parish Office. Please make sure that you specify the purpose of your donation as a “holiday fund”. Contact:

Talents posters.pngdonuts.png
Stockton Kitchen.png

Wins cakes.png
runner beans.png

ADORE (Alton Day Of REnewal)– Saturday 27th April 11.00-4.00

You are warmly welcome to a mini-retreat day (or morning/afternoon) of spiritual refreshment and renewal, focussing on the Power of Prayer. At Alton School, Anstey Lane, Alton GU34 2NG. 11.00am Rosary; 11.30am Mass; 12.15 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; 1.00pm Shared lunch (please bring finger food to share); 2.00pm Praise & Worship; 2.30 Talk “Praying for the Power of the Holy Spirit.”– Geoff and Gina Poulter; 3.30 Prayer for healing. We end about 4pm.

There is no need to register in advance, and no charge (though a collection will be taken to cover costs). For more information and directions, see poster or website: Or telephone Alastair Emblem on 01252 714809.

Next month’s meeting 18th May: “Prayer for Healing and Deliverance”


Chatsmore Catholic High School and the participating parishes in Worthing Deanery are looking to hire an experienced youth minister for the above post, starting in September. Application deadline is May 20th. For an application pack, Email


Inspire is our annual day for those who work with young people and young adults in our parishes, and anybody who is interested in doing so. It’s happening on Saturday May 11th at St Joseph’s Church, Redhill. Tickets £10. To book, Email or book online at

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