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Overwhelming response from Pound a Week Group

By In Pokot On July 7, 2014

The response from the members of the Pound a Week Group to the Newsletter reports in recent weeks about the effects of the continuing drought in East Pokot has been truly overwhelming.  Since the beginning of June you have donated the magnificent sum of £9,600, yes nine thousand, six hundred pounds.  Isn’t that wonderful.  On 3 July we sent Fr David in Barpello £7,000 from this; and we will be making a further transfer in the next few days.

The June report from the Kenyan authority responsible for drought management recorded some light and sporadic rains in some areas but forecast that the situation in East Pokot was expected to worsen and spread to other areas.  Sadly the drought, which has continued since December last year, has resulted in serious conflict over water and pasture in parts of the country.

Fr David has told me that he will be using some of our donations for special feeding for children.  He will send a fuller report in due course, but in the meantime has asked me to convey his sincere thanks for the most generous support he receives from our Parish for his mission to the Pokot people, particularly at this difficult and distressing time.

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