Newsletter for the Month of August

Newsletter for the Month of August

By In Newsletter Blog On July 30, 2021

Please note the Parish office will be closed from Friday 30th July 1pm and will reopen on Tuesday 24th August.   Messages can be left on voicemail or on email and they will be dealt with in due course.  The emails will be monitored for urgency during this time and will be prioritised accordingly.  However, if you are in need of immediate assistance, please call the office phone 01483 272075 and leave a message.

In addition, there will be no published newsletter during this time.   The parish website has correct information for dates and times of Masses and notices of interest can be found on the Diocese website.

Parish website is  

Diocese website is Alistairs message

Why did we not die at the Lord’s hand in the land of Egypt, when we were able to sit down to pans of meat and could eat bread to our heart’s content!

A political buzzword in recent years has been to “mis-speak”.  The people in the First Reading this weekend may be said to “mis-speak”, albeit in a slightly different sense, when they complain about their lot, moan about Moses, and effectively challenge God.

More importantly, however, the people “mis-remember” by looking back with a perfect hindsight – yes, they had food in Egypt, but they also experienced injustice and persecution.  Hungry and with empty stomachs, they conveniently forget their former misery and suffering.

I, too, have been in somewhat nostalgic mood since moving in, refamiliarizing myself with the village as well as renewing acquaintance with friends in the cemetery.

On an afternoon stroll, I discovered that many of the things I remember about Cranleigh from past years are no longer to be seen: the Regal Cinema (still here though when I was studying at St John’s Seminary); Hibbs the Bakers and the upstairs coffee shop is now a charity shop; the removals firm Cooks of Cranleigh, West Cranleigh Nurseries, Cranleigh Freight Services, Dobbe’s Fruiterers, John Graham’s, Galaxy Gifts, Sarah Jayne’s, La Scala, The Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant, Cranleigh Secretarial Services and the Friday Ad, The Cranleigh Bookshop, solicitors firms Baldocks and Andrew Alexander & Co (who was at Tring House) – they may, of course, have relocated but all seem to have disappeared, some covered in housing developments.

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 10.22.02.pngOther things persist but seem subtly changed: the former Onslow Arms is now The Richard Onslow; Budgens is now M & S; David Mann & Sons – still here but in a slightly altered guise; Kelsham, near the White House on The Common, is evidently still a dental practice, although I’m sure the likes of Mr Nixon, who terrified me from primary school onward, and Mr Robinson will have long since retired or gone to God.

Whilst acknowledging the strictures of the pandemic in recent times, I wonder whether the Cranleigh Silver Band is still going, and whether the tennis tournament still takes place on the cricket green each year?  Such varied memories!

It is good to remember and to reminisce, but also to remind ourselves that nothing is frozen in time.  Things move on and change, the old sometimes must make way for the new.  We must learn to accept the reality of things as they are today and not hearken back to “mis-remembered” childhoods when skies were always blue, and it never rained.

In the face of an uncertain future the people in the First Reading embrace an illusion of nostalgia which holds out to them a false feeling of certainty.  As people of faith, we face the future confidently, with hope, knowing that God is with us, unchanging, the same yesterday and today and forever (Heb 13:8).

My sincere thanks for your warm and generous welcome last weekend.  May God bless us and our parish in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 10.22.44.pngCleaning Opportunity:  We are need of a reliable and discreet cleaner to assist a lady [in Cranleigh] for one hour a week [paid £15] to vacuum, take out rubbish, clean windows and generally assist.  If you have availability, please contact The Parish Office to discuss further.

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 10.23.26.pngSacramental Programmes – If you are interested in joining the upcoming Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and/or RCIA courses please visit our website events page which has registration details.

Baptism Programme        –          deadline for registration is 31st August 2021

First Holy Communion     –          deadline for registration is 30th September 2021

Confirmation                  –          deadline for registration is 30th September 2021

RCIA                             –          deadline for registration is 1st November 2021

Anniversaries Mass:  Taking place at St Joseph’s Guildford, on Saturday 9th October, at 11.30 am, with Bishop Richard.  For couples and their families celebrating a landmark or significant anniversary.  Numbers limited to 150.  Parking off site.  You can sign up by clicking here.   Or contact Katherine Bergin, Marriage & Family Life Adviser at

Fighting Modern Slavery:  The latest edition of the diocesan newsletter is attached.  Parish modern slavery awareness ambassadors re still needed.  Information on the role is contained in the newsletter or contact   Thank you.

Beginning Experience Weekend:  October 8th – 10th, Sion Community, Brentwood, Essex. For those who find themselves single again following divorce, separation, or bereavement.

Beginning Experience is a weekend programme to help you move from the darkness of your grief into the light of a new beginning.  More details at

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