Newsletter for Ss. Peter and Paul – 28th June 2020

Newsletter for Ss. Peter and Paul – 28th June 2020

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Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles – 28th June 2020

Divine Office Week 1 (Week 13 of the Year)

Times of Mass and Devotions

Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles
Sun 28th Stream 10am



Vespers and Benediction

Angela and John Garrett
(45th Wedding Ann.)
Tues 30th Stream 10am Mass – in Ordinary Time
Wed 1st Stream 7pm Mass – in Ordinary Time
Thurs 2nd Stream 10am Mass – in Ordinary Time
Fri 3rd Stream 10am Mass – Saint Thomas, Apostle
14th Sunday of the Year
Sun 5th Stream 10am



Vespers and Benediction

People of the Parish
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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As each week unfolds, we learn more about the way in which the country will return to something approaching normal.  This week, the PM has revealed the next stage for the opening up of society and businesses.  We were pleased to hear that churches are included among the raft of announcements.  From the 4th July (Independence Day in the US) we will be able to hold services once again inside our church.  A week or so ago I announced that you could actually come into church and now we can gather in some way for worship.  The exact way in which we can gather again for mass and ‘services’ however is still not clear

However, do we still desire to meet together for worship?  Have we grown used to consuming a diet of worship through our TV’s and computers and tablets? Or have we found a new spirituality in ‘communing with nature’ in this fantastic spring and summer (so far)?

I have been quite surprised at the small numbers of people who have returned to the church to pray.  It may, of course, be that with the Government telling us that COVID hasn’t gone away and to remain “alert” that most think that it is unsafe to enter a building ‘unnecessarily’.  I’m not really in a position to second guess the reasons, to be honest.  All I can do is prepare the church as best I can so that it is as safe as it can possibly be.  I believe that we have achieved this and I’m grateful to those who have helped.  The rest, as they say, is up to you!

So, we have the news and, I hope, we are all looking forward to coming together to pray and praise and worship the Lord of Life.  At present we know what we want to do but are unsure as to how that can be achieved.  The relaxing of the 2m rule to a 1+m rule is a great help provided that you have confidence that it is ok.  It still means that we cannot accommodate anywhere near as many as we used to, and the church building will have restrictions in some places.  One of the marks of ‘church’ was a certain intimacy as friends and families sat near each other or together.  There will still need to be some distance between each other, unless you are a family together, and we cannot sing, nor share a sign of peace, in the way we used to.  All that will please some people, I know, whatever the reason for it, but for the vast majority it will remain a sacrifice.  I am very hopeful however that once we return to church and can worship together, we can have meaningful and prayerful services of Mass once again.  It will however be a little different.

But another, related question is this.  If not everyone can come to mass (because of distancing rules) or is prevented (because of their vulnerability and age) do we continue with Livestreaming mass?  This has proved to be a sort of lifeline for many during these last few months and people have discovered a web of liturgies and young handsome priests around the world that can all be accessed whilst sitting in your favourite armchair.  However, the essence of church is community and the meaning of the word ‘church’ is connected to the coming together of that community for worship and fellowship – of becoming ‘one’ with and in the Lord.  A more catholic word than ‘fellowship’ would be ‘koinonia’ – which we often translate as communion.  We are not (usually anyway) an online community like Facebook, or Twitter, or TikTok.  We are a community defined by our communion with the Lord – united in prayer and praise and in our desire to be ‘followers’ of the Lord.  The Lord brought people together from all walks of life and ate with them and that has been our experience up to of late.  That is what we usually do too.  Yet, now this has been interrupted in a very sudden and complete way.  Can our bonds of communion – koinonia – be reforged once again?  Are we ready to make the effort to leave home, perhaps struggling with children, to actually go to church again rather than sit with our coffee and toast with mass ‘on the telly’?  Only time will tell.

One of the experiences of our Jewish forebears whose Temple was destroyed in AD72 was that they discovered, or perhaps, better, created, new ways of expressing their religious faith.  Whereas the Temple had been the place which they believed God called ‘home’ now it was their home which, quite literally, became the centre of the expression of their Jewishness.  Of course, that expression was different, but it retained enough to maintain their identity and support their liturgical needs alongside the Synagogue.  That situation continues to this day. I wonder whether we need to discover a new, lay, spirituality which can foster faith and devotion and lead people to a kind of renewal of religious expression in their families and homes?  I think it would include some sort of daily family prayer, some study and teaching, some sort of devotion and religious practices like saying grace together before meals, some evaluation of life’s daily experiences in the Light of the Gospel etc.  Those are just starters for 10.  How do we get started?

Questions! Questions!  I know what.  I will take them to the Lord in prayer (and to the Bishop of course)

With my love

Fr David



300 Club

June 2020

  1st 2nd 3rd
Eugene McGivern Isabel Healey Fran Pickett



BELOW IS A FINANCIAL STATEMENT FOR MAY and to the current date for the whole year.  The shortfall is entirely due to the lack of a collection during mass.  You could help your parish by transferring your Weakly Offering away from envelopes to a Standing Order (very easy to set up) or you could post cheques to the Parish Office and they can be banked or even use the Diocesan JustGiving Page if you think that is best.  The Diocesan Finance Office then transfer the funds to our parish bank account for us.


Financial Information May 2020
Offertory Month of May So far this year
Actual Budget Actual Budget
£6,651 £8,333 £30,739 £41,666



Last week and following the Appeal from Fr Paul and Fr Sean for emergency food and funding for Mission expenses, we were able to send £2,950 to each of the Missions. For Fr Paul at the Barpello Mission school, £2,125 was for his “food for work project” and the balance of £825 was for use where he saw the greatest need.

£1,000 of the funds we sent to Fr Sean where for the repairs to the Mission borehole and new tyres for their quad bike. A further £1,000 was for his food projects for the school children and the elderly destitute. Here is what he said about the funds and the £950 for his greatest need project.

“Many thanks to £ a Week once more for the generous £1,000 grant to my ‘disaster fund’ i.e. the tyres and borehole repairs and of course the further £1,000 food supply for the daily needs of very hungry people. But also very many thanks for the timely grant of £950 for ‘greatest need’.

The Mission tractor and trailer went for sand during the week for work on the new church. They were lucky to get home as the trailer chassis broke clean across in 2 places. It’s been through some tough country over the last 9 years since I came to live here. So not too surprising.Fortunately  I have the good 3 phase generator / welder which the Pound a Week Group bought for me, so I’ve sent a fellow to Nakuru to buy steel and bolts and welding rods to attack the repair here in Rotu. . It would be impossible to transport it to Nakuru for the repair.

God bless and a thousand thanks to all in the Pound a Week Group for your incredible generosity and support for the Pokot Missions over the years.”

For more information about the Pound a Week Group and our support for the Pokot Missions, please contact me on 07866-419495 or at

Eugene McGivern


Guardian Angel Prayer – to be said before mass.

This version was contained in the Pastoral Letter by Cardinal Nichols

Dear Guardian Angel,
go for me to the church, there kneel down at Mass for me.  At the Offertory, take me to God, and offer Him my service: What I am, what I have, offer as my gift.

At the Consecration, with your seraphic strength, adore my Saviour truly present, praying for those who have loved me, for those who have offended me, and for those now deceased, that the blood of Jesus may purify them all.

During Holy Communion, bring to me the Body and Blood of Jesus uniting Him with me in spirit, so that my heart may become His dwelling place. Plead with Him, that through His sacrifice all people throughout the world may be saved.

When the Mass ends, bring home to me and to every home, the Lord’s blessing. Amen

Prayer for Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament.
I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.


Here is a link to the Liturgy of Mass readings for you to use.  It gives all the daily readings for Mass free of charge. It’s run by the Redemptorists and recommended by Jane Harding (no less!)
Website is



Please keep your mass intentions coming!  Mass is still being offered daily and being offered for their intentions as in the above calendar, please join in with the streamed Masses.  Intentions can be emailed to


Weekly Offerings: are still welcomed! The best way is to contribute by asking your bank to set up a standing order.   If you cannot or do not wish to donate to parish funds via Standing Order please feel free to drop an envelope into the letterboxes outside parish office and the sacristy door of St Thomas More.

Bank Details for Standing order to HSBC below:

RCD A&B Cranleigh and Bramley Parish
(written exactly like that)

Account number is 11126466,

Sort code 40-05-20.



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