Newsletter for 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

Newsletter for 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

By In Newsletter Blog On February 21, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Tracy is away all this week as are quite a few – so the newsletter is almost all mine – mistakes included!

You may remember that I gave a homily last October reflecting on my experience on retreat and mentioned that I am resolved to do priestly things and drop as many unpriestly things as possible.  This was well received and even garnered a round of applause at Bramley.  But I can only drop things if someone is prepared to take them on – and sometimes I need to ask, and keep asking it seems.

We are trying to get a monthly newsletter off the ground.  It needs to be relevant, of good quality, interesting and accurate.  It also should be attractive.  I asked for volunteers to take on this project thinking that it would suit someone, or some people who had a flair for using a computer and an ability to construct a magazine and solicit articles as well as including facts such as births, deaths and marriages etc.  So far, no one has even sniffed at it or asked for any info which means that it is in danger of going by the board – which would be a shame, I hope you might agree.

Do, if you could take on this little project on behalf of everyone and make a success of it, perhaps with the help of others please do ask me and I can help you get started.  It’s a very satisfying thing to see your own work in print and to know that it’s the very best it could be and that it is also providing much needed information and communications for our parishioners of all ages.

I’m away this week celebrating my 37th wedding anniversary.  Fr David Parmiter is coming over on Tuesday morning to celebrate the mass followed by lunch.

God bless you all.

Fr David

Mass and Devotions

Saturday 23 February

Cranleigh     10am     Mass for the Bereaved

Saturday 23 February –
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cranleigh     6pm      Vigil Mass
M Fontebasso (RIP)

Sunday 24 February

Bramley       9am      Mass
Michael Hyde (RIP)

Cranleigh     11am     Mass and Baptism Willoughby Windust

Cranleigh     1pm      Baptism
Kyle Batchelor

Tuesday 26 February

Bramley       11.30am Mass and Parish lunch

Wednesday 27 February

Cedar Ct     2pm      Communion Service

Saturday 2 March –
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cranleigh     6pm      Vigil Mass

Sunday 3 March

Bramley       9am      Mass
People of the Parish

Cranleigh     11am     Mass
Fr Ken Freeman (RIP)

Men’s Group Film Night is scheduled for 1 March – this coming Friday. Anyone interested should get in touch with Skip at by 8pm on 28 February.  The night starts with food at 7.30pm, followed by a film.  Please bring something to drink and to share.  A film will be chosen on the night, so if you have any favourites, please bring a DVD or suggestions.  The cost will be about £15 per person.  Hope to see you there.

Vespers at the Seminary.  By kind permission of the Rector, Canon Brian Coyle, we are all invited to join the Seminarians and staff at the Seminary for VESPERS on Monday 11th March at 8pm.  This invitation is extended to our fellow Christians in the village through CTC.  It would be good if our church community were well represented.

Lent Groups

Don’t forget to sign up for the Groups for Lent.  Mondays at Bramley, Thursday evenings at Cranleigh Catholic Church and Friday afternoons at St Nicolas Anglican Church.  The Methodist Church is also joining us in using the same material this year.  We need to know that you wish to join in good time because we have to buy the book we shall be using.

Is anyone interested in a Tuesday morning small group following the Joy of the Gospel? Starting 6th March, 10am at Anne Streeter’s house in Ewhurst. Tel 274466

World Day of Prayer

Friday 1st March is WOMENS WORLD DAY OF PRAYER (now renamed World Day of Prayer).  All are welcome to the service to be held at Christ Church, Shamley Green, on Friday March 1st at 11am. Also at 10.30am at St Nicolas Church Cranleigh. Coffee/tea/biscuits will be served at 10am.

This year It is Christ Church who are organising the service for all our surrounding villages outside of Cranleigh.  It is an ecumenical service written by the Christian women of Slovenia.

We will be praying and sharing with people in over 120 countries and islands around the world.

Lent – Stations of the Cross

During Lent we shall be celebrating the ancient devotion of the Stations of the cross in both Cranleigh and Bramley as follows:

Thursdays in Bramley at 9am
Fridays in Cranleigh at 9am
Both followed by the Divine Office and, in addition:

Wednesdays at 10.00   13 – 20 -27 March     03- 10-17 April (takes 30 mins approx.)

Stations of the Cross is a moving way to come closer to Jesus during Lent.      Please let me know if you would like to lead one of the days.  Helen Rollo 01483 277395

TABLE TOP SALE This Saturday at St.Nicholas Church Rooms 12 – 2pm, of books, clothes  jewellery  toys  shoes/boots  home ware, baby items and DVD’s.  Tea and Coffee available.


 Rota Vigil Mass 9 – Bramley 11 -Cranleigh
Welcomers Bob & Roxanne S Murphy Family Martin Family
1st Reading Win B Patrick G Keith M
2nd Reading David P Shelagh A

Pat O’B

Kinga B

Linda C

Bob S

Becca S

Imelda W

Jane H

Keith S

Sandra H

Victoria M

Mary L

Pat S

Claire S

Dee McM

Graeme B

Paul McM


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