News from the East Pokot Mission

News from the East Pokot Mission

By In Pokot On October 1, 2008

Greetings from East Pokot.  I hope you all are well.  Life here is difficult at the moment.

Due to the long drought we are going through a serious time of hunger in the communities we serve.  The drought and the food shortage, resulting mainly from the extended period of violence after the elections, have made things quite bad.  Inflation is running at 25% to 30% and so everything has gone up in price, diesel, foodstuffs and indeed everything else.  Famine relief food is scarce and getting more expensive by the day.

The new school is doing fairly well and we are getting ready to take Form 3 in January.  To date we have 85 students in Forms 1 and 2 and we hope the January intake will bring a further 45 to 50 boys and girls.  However, the students really struggle for support.  The fees for next year will be £184 which includes a year’s boarding.  On top of this the school (via the Mission) provides blankets, bed sheets, mattresses, mosquito netting, and toiletries every month.  This is an added expense on the Mission but we try to meet it.  We also subsidise items of uniform, try to keep the fees as low as possible for families and where we can we further subsidise some poorer students.

The camel project is going well and the milk it provides for the community is a great help at this difficult time.  As I think you know, the project also produces the school milk every morning.

Thank you all in Cranleigh and Bramley for your continuing support.

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