News from Pokot

News from Pokot

By In Pokot On November 1, 2019

Good morning Eugene
Many thanks for yours of last night. The Malaria ‘crisis’ is under control. We still await the official report from the investigations that 2 very professional groups of doctors did in 2 separate weeks in ROTU mission. However, malaria is a recurrent disease throughout Pokot.
I am still helping the unfortunate family that lost 2 children in a devastating fire. We are about to finish building  a house for them. Not surprisingly they have moved from the scene of the disaster. I’ll send a few photos soon on that work.

I have also heard from Fr Paul who has replaced Fr David Conway as Director of the Barpello High School. Here is an extract from his report.
Warm greetings from Barpello High School.
(I )Am Fr. Paul Kamau and am glad to make this contact with you, hoping you and your family are getting on well.
I was appointed in Barpello High School as School Director. I joined Barpello High School in January 2019 and I was welcomed by Fr. David Conway whom we stayed with until he departed last August for his sabbatical leave back in Ireland. I had previously been stationed in Holy Ghost Schools – Sultan Hamud which is in the Eastern part of Kenya. I was part of founding the school under the administration of our former superior to Kenya Fr. Martin Keane C.S.Sp.
Fr. Sean McGovern and Fr. David made me aware of the immense support that Pound A Week has been and is to Barpello High School and how your contribution has provided quality education and improved livelihoods in this region. (I) Am personally very appreciative of this support, because its outcomes are real and helpful as i have experienced and seen since I reported in January. I do value and uphold highly your effort and contribution to Barpello High School and (I) am witness that your contribution and support is making significant change to education in Pokot.

The school fees for the year 2020 for those students being sponsored by members of the Pound a Week Group are not due until 1st January but I will be in touch with sponsors as soon as I have confirmation from Fr Paul of the amounts as some members might like to pay their fees before Christmas spending takes over!! . However, it would be perfectly OK to wait until January if that would be preferable.

Best wishes, Eugene

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