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News from Fr David in the East Pokot Mission

By In Pokot On April 7, 2008

Greetings from East Pokot.  I hope you are all well.  I am keeping OK myself.

Many thanks to the Cranleigh and Bramley community for your ongoing and most generous support.  Thank you especially for the recent cheque for £2,500. I will invest part of it in another solar panel and battery.

We are kept very busy as there is a severe shortage of food here at the moment due mainly to the prolonged drought since the end of 2007.  A contributing factor to the food shortage is the problems following the election in December last.  Thank God it has started to rain in the last 10 days.  It is very welcome for the people we serve, the Mission and the school, but sadly will not make much difference to the food situation.  We are now delivering food supplies to the most remote communities.

The camel project is going very well but is expensive to maintain due to the cost of medicine, salt and herdsmen wages.  I was able to buy 154 camels recently from a man who was leaving the country.  They came as a bulk lot so we had to take the bulls we did not want.  Fortunately there was a pure bred Pakistan bull in the herd so we will keep him and try to start our own breeding herd as camels are sometimes very hard to get.  Camels are important as they provide a lot of milk for the community and the school.  Milk is particularly welcome at the moment as times are very hard.

The school is closed for August.  The students are doing very well although the school is proving very expensive to run, especially as families cannot afford much in the way of fees and the Government gives us little help.  However, we struggle on and I will never give up on the project as education is the answer to many social problems and the problems of terrible poverty.

My greetings and prayers for you all.

Fr David

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