New Mission in Rotu in East Pokot

New Mission in Rotu in East Pokot

By In Pokot On July 7, 2011

When we started the Pound a Week Group in 1997, the first Mission we supported was at Kositei in East Pokot where the priest in charge was Fr Sean McGovern, a Holy Ghost Father.  It was he who started the camel project there to help achieve an effective long-term food programme.  He subsequently became Regional Superior of the Order in Kenya, but is now back once more in the Mission field.

He has opened a new Mission at Rotu, which is about 55 Kms from Fr David Conway in Barpello but over some pretty rough country.  Apparently it is a five hours drive to the Post Office.  Fr Sean tells me that he has recently started the first school in Rotu as not a single person in that area has ever been to school.

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