Most Holy Trinity– 27th May 2018

Most Holy Trinity– 27th May 2018

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Since Advent Sunday we have been celebrating something that has remained slightly below the horizon of our consciousness. A kind of mystery. This ‘mystery’ is what lies behind Christmas, Epiphany, the Transfiguration, the Passion, death and Resurrection of Christ, his ascension and the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

This mystery is what we call the Holy and Blessed Trinity of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Three persons and yet One God who desire, and that is not too strong a word I assure you, communion with his creation.

Communion is the word we use for an intense relationship in a covenant of love that brings about a kind of union.  So we can say that the Blessed Trinity is a “communion of love.” What are in communion are the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit – the three persons of the One God. But we also have come to understand through the revelation of scripture and the traditions of the Jews and of the Church that God desires to bring all things into communion with him; to enfold everything in his love, for God is love.  But how does God, who is spirit draw created things into communion with Him?

The straightforward answer, though still a mystery, is that God does this through His Son – the Word who is Life.  “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” – John 1:3 and it is this same Word, made flesh in the person of Jesus that has drawn all things back into relationship with Him – “because By Your Holy Cross You Have Redeemed the World!”  The Father and the Son have sent the Holy Spirit to sanctify all creation and draw it back to God.

Through God’s compassionate love we are forgiven and invited to share in the divine life of the Trinity. The sign of our having accepted this is our baptism and even though most of us were children when this happened this is what our parents wanted for us – a living and loving relationship with God. This relationship is sealed in confirmation and nourished in Holy Communion so that we might have life in us. Jesus said …, “Very truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.”  The life he means is God’s life – the life of the Trinity.  So we are drawn by love into the life of God himself – into eternal life.  No one is forced or compelled to do this but all are invited – the worthy and the unworthy.

So God is really all about relationship – a loving relationship.  All the readings today speak about being invited into a new relationship with God and the Gospel takes this one step further – it gives us a commandment – to go, make disciples and baptise THEM into the father the Son and the Holy Spirit.  This is why we are “sent” at the end of mass to love and serve the Lord – we do this by opening up a relationship for others, for all, into God’s love and life.

We are not asked who is worthy – that is God’s judgement.  We are not asked to judge who has the right character – that is God’s place. We are to seek out the lost and tell them that they are loved and sought after – desired – found in other words. Fr David

The Parish website is about to be updated and renewed.  As part of that process we are also reviewing how we appear to the online world and how we can be communicated with.  The website is being worked on by a volunteer professional and once he has finished ‘making all things new’ we will launch the new site. We are a few weeks away from that event, however.

As part of the communications improvements we are also changing our email addresses to reflect our new address on the web.  Instead of the descriptive, but rather cumbersome, we are going to become (Catholic Parish of Cranleigh and Bramley) and all the email addresses used by the parish will be attached to that new name. Some of these names are already in use. You can change your email contact info right now for the following people and start using them:

Fr David            


Jane Harding

The old parish office email address will remain active for a while yet but will gradually be phased out – so why not change now?  Similarly, Fr David’s and Jane Harding’s email will remain as they were but will be changing over during the next month or so, so change that too, please.

Also, it is important that we have correct data available to us so that we can contact you.  If you haven’t given us your info yet you can do so from our current (and the future) website – just look at I’m New and follow the instructions.  That would be most helpful indeed.

Please note the Parish Office will be open as follows during half term week commencing 28th May.

Monday – Closed

Tuesday 9-12

Wednesday 9-12

Thursday 9-12

Friday closed

If you would be interested in joining the coach trip to the English Martyrs Catholic Church in Worthing please register your interest to as numbers will determine the size and cost of the coach which could be 29 or 53 seaters.  Date will be discussed at the next Care Group Meeting and advised.

Jane Penson will host an Afternoon Tea Party on Sunday 10th June from 3pm.   Please let Jane have your RSVP if you would like to join this event. Tel 271102 in aid of the Parish Hall.


The next Parish Lunch will take place on Tuesday 29th May and there are sign up sheets in the porches for catering purposes.


Everyone is welcome to St John’s seminary in Wonersh  join us on Sunday 3rd June to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi.

Come to for an afternoon of fun and celebration, followed by a traditional Corpus Christi procession led by Bishop Richard.

Join us in the beautiful grounds at 12.30 to enjoy a picnic lunch with other families, or simply come along at 1pm for the afternoon to enjoy the activities provided – there will be something for everyone including:

  • Meeting Bishop Richard
  • a guided tour of the seminary
  • Learn more about Jesus as His presence in the Blessed Sacrament – with short talks from the seminarians
  • Prayer stations, an opportunity to take time to reflect
  • Arts & Crafts – children will make banners and musical shakers to use in the procession
  • Outside fun and games
  • A music session – and learn some songs to sing during the procession

If you have recently received your First Holy Communion please do take the opportunity to come in your “fine apparel” and walk with the Bishop in the procession.

After the procession there will be tea and cakes provided by the seminary.  In order to cater for tea please contact to book a place.

All Ministers of Communion are expected to attend the Corpus Christi Mass on Sunday 3rd June in order to be recommissioned.  If you are unable to attend please send your apologies to the Father David via Parish Office

Corpus Christi is a festival celebrated on the Sunday after Trinity Sunday to celebrate the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in the Eucharist.

 Reserve the date of Sunday 10th June midday for joining the St Cuthbert Mayne Summer Fair that will involve a BBQ, games and refreshments.

All are welcome.

There will be no onsite parking on this day.

My Report – Helping Number Five

This Christmas I got thinking about those who had to suffer the cold without a house. I thought about those far away in other countries, especially the children and I thought about those close to home. Every time I saw someone living on the streets I felt this real sense of injustice. The gap between the rich and those without seems to be huge. There are some people who can afford mansions and those who can’t afford even a shed. I decided I wanted to do something.

I collected lots of clothes from people and some people gave me money. I raised £95 in money, which we converted into coffee vouchers, sim cards and cinema tickets. Number five told me that they save these and give them to their residents when it is their birthday. These can be hard days to deal with and receiving a present is always a wonderful thing.  Lots of people brought well needed toiletries and rucksacks.

The Parish was very supportive and helped me to hold the collection in the Parish Hall. Many people came to donate. I was really pleased that other people wanted to help me and could see how important it was to help these people.

We donated to an association called Number Five. It is based in Guildford. 16 people live in the night shelter and they can stay for as long as they need to. I was very lucky to be given a tour and the manager was really kind and showed me how it all worked.

During the winter they take more people in off the streets and they sleep on camp beds in the cellar. I am glad that they have this help but still think they deserve a real home. There are lots more people to help out there and I am looking forward to helping again in some way.

By Amelie Bonaparte

Amelie’s venture was supported by Pat Scully and the Parish Office and we think she is quite inspirational.  If you would like to undertake a venture like Amelie’s then please speak to Tracy in the Parish Office who would be happy to support your efforts.

Could you and your family be Welcomers at our Parish Masses?

The Cranleigh Welcome Ministry is in need of more welcomers, (the people who organise the porch, hand out the hymn books and greet parishioners and visitors with a warm welcome and who keep an eye out for anyone in need during mass) If you think this valuable and essential ministry is for you why not speak to Fr David? Please send your interest to

If you would like to support Joanna Kin on her London to Brighton Trek on 30th June then please donate using the attached link. Thank you for your support and good luck Joanna!

I have ordered fifty copies of Pope Francis’s latest exhortation hoping that you will buy them and, more importantly, read them! The cost £4.95 each – that is about the price of a glass of wine or a pint of beer at the Onslow these days! Read this over a pint and absorb what the Pope is saying about our faith.  Be holy as the Lord your God is holy.  Read this!

Could you offer your help to the Parish?

There are lots of ways for you to become involved in the Parish and we have a real need of assistance from adults willing to Serve at Mass.  Father David would also value parishioners willing to open and lock the Cranleigh Church on a regular basis based on a rota system.  If you regularly attend Sunday Mass in Cranleigh please consider this gift you could offer and contact Tracy in the Parish Office who can walk you through the process.

The Parish Picnic is planned for Sunday 8th July at the beautiful gardens of Trish and Peter Lebus in Shere.   There is lots of parking and everyone is welcome to enjoy a shared picnic.  Further details will be forthcoming, please reserve the date.


Bishop Richard is currently holding a consultation on how we prepare people for confirmation. If you’ve recently been confirmed then we’d like to hear from you. We’ve created a short survey which you can access on line –

We ask parents to pass this on to their children who have recently been confirmed please.

As part of the Bishop’s consultation on how we prepare people for confirmation, we have produced a short survey which we would like to distribute to as many recently confirmed young people as possible. This is aimed at anyone who has been confirmed this year or last, and at those who are about to be confirmed. This includes those who are still practicing and those who aren’t. The hope is that the results of this survey will give us some helpful data in discerning what’s currently working and where there might be areas for improvement.

The survey is completely anonymous. Neither individuals nor their parishes can be identified.


Rota Vigil Mass 9 – Bramley 11 – Cranleigh
Welcomer A Sargeant

J Preece

Murphy Family Small Family
1st Reading D Penson Jane Mayer Robert Millar
2nd Reading D Barry M Shine

A Gilbey

Anne Millar
EMHC J Glynn

J Penson

D Tyler

W Bracking

C Houston

Mark Reed

Bev Reed

Sandra Hyde

V Milner

S Rockhill

Matthew Emms

Graeme Brand

P McMahon

J Harden

Dee McMahon



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