Mass at Anduze aujord’hui

Mass at Anduze aujord’hui

By In Newsletter Blog On September 23, 2018

Mass at St Ettienne started at 10.30 – ish. The Cure began by teaching the entrance chant and calling all the children forward who were clearly having some sort if day out somewhere. Every child had a rucksack probably stuffed with lunch.

Mass was very lovely with great congregational singing and responses. If course neither Helen nor I could understand the sermon but its tone was encouraging!

Communion as is common in France was in one kind only despite the communion hymn talking about eating the Body of Christ and drinking His Saving Blood! All was beautifully done though and prayerful.

Anyway at the end was some kind of adult child response with all the children and some adults standing at the front and exchanging some kind of promises. It would really help to be fluent in French I can tell you!

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