Malaria campaign

Malaria campaign

By In Hot Topic, Pokot On September 3, 2019

Here are two reports from Fr Sean McGovern at the Rotu Mission.
Good evening Eugene 
Things have been hectic here for the past week or more. 
The malaria campaign has been so far a great success, despite the fact that several people had sadly died before the  alarm was raised. I think we were the first to react. And then the government clinic in Chemolingot sent out a team. So they were taking it seriously. Then on our recent clinic to Chesawach  (the Mission outstation) we found the Red Cross in the field. They kindly gave us a supply of malaria test kits of which we were running short. 
And finally a group of my friends from the medical school in Nairobi came. Sadly they couldn’t make it to Rotu as they ‘feared the road’. In fairness there was rain around but very little at Rotu. They did leave a very generous supply of medicines for us at Kapunyan dispensary yesterday. We sent a car for them. Not fearing the road!!
In brief there’s been a great response to the cry for help and the campaign has been a fair success. We continue to monitor the situation.
The little medics house at the Mission which the Pound a Week Group paid for is now complete and very comfortable it is too. Two qualified medics have moved in. Here are a couple of photos.
A thousand thanks to the Pound a Week Group for their great support.
God bless you all.

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