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Making a difference through University education

By In Pokot On June 7, 2013

On Monday of last week we sent Fr David at the Barpello Mission the fantastic sum of £4,500.  Just over £1,600 was to pay for the fees of two students at the Mission secondary school, including £1,355 from a family no longer in the Parish which will pay all the fees and costs of a student for his full four years at the school.  His parents are very poor and would never have been able to find their son’s fees and he would have thus been denied the excellent education he will now receive.

I told Fr David he was free to use the balance of the £4,500 wherever he felt the need was greatest and he has told me that he will use the money to help pay part of the university fees of some of the fifty past pupils of the Mission school who have obtained qualifying grades but have not been given a place by the Admissions Board.  There are currently twenty nine past pupils attending university who have almost all their fees paid by the Government (they have to find approx. £180 per year).  The remaining 50 have to find the full cost of a degree course themselves which amounts to approximately £1,900 per year so the demands on Fr David are very great.

Here is what he said in a recent note to me,

“Barpello High School opened its doors on 27 January 2007.  For the five year period 2010 to 2014, the school will send 262 past pupils back into their community.  Most will proceed to university and compete equally for top jobs and careers in Kenya.  The effect on the communities and families will be great.  Education will up-lift livelihoods in East Pokot.  The economy will be broadened and enhanced.  Education will eradicate poverty.”

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