Looking towards September and beyond…

Looking towards September and beyond…

By In Newsletter Blog On August 12, 2020

 Cranleigh and Bramley Parish 


Save the Date – Parish Mass and Picnic  11 a.m. September 13th, Wintershall
 Dear David,You’re invited to join a parish outdoor mass and community picnic at the beautiful Wintershall Estate on Sunday September 13th at 11am.  This parish event would mark the partial relaxation of lockdown procedures and give us an opportunity to celebrate as a community coming through these difficult times. In order to adhere to COVID guidelines and ensure your safety, the mass will be conducted outdoors with social distancing measures in place. For the picnic following the mass, no food or drink will be provided.  Each family or friendship bubble would need to provide their own food, drink, picnic seating/umbrellas and respect social distancing guidance for outdoor picnics. We would also ask for volunteers for various tasks on the day such as gate stewards, marshalls to encourage social distancing measures, a first aider. If you are able to help please contact Sandra Hyde as follows; social@cpcb.org.uk or her mobile 07810768186

During that weekend, we will also offer the Vigil Mass at Cranleigh at 5pm and the 9 a.m mass at Bramley, for those who are not able to attend the picnic.  We do hope you will feel able to participate in this beautiful outdoor setting.


Confirmations 2020
Following the gradual relaxation of the COVID-19 rules we are now able to celebrate the first of the sacraments that have been on ‘hold’ for 6 months or so. We look forward to celebrating the postponed confirmations here on Saturday 12th September, in Cranleigh at 11am. We are confident that this will be full of joy and a real celebration despite some of the restrictions still in place. Please pray for our confirmands, their sponsors and parents. You will be able to watch the Mass on Livestream even if you aren’t part of one of the families.

And in other news…

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Watching our Livestream on YouTube
Many people have found our Livestream a valuable resource during lockdown and still in the current situation. I am aware though that some people haven’t a clue how to go about watching a mass on YouTube. Some my be unaware that they can actually do this directly on their TV – especially if they have a recent, LED, or LCD TV. You may be one of those people! If you would like to watch our livestream but don’t know who to get to it we may be able to send you some literature that can help.

For those who use a computer to watch, the simplest way to do so is to navigate to YouTube in your webbrowser and search for Cranleigh and Bramley Catholic Parish.  Once you find it, if you then click on “Subscribe” you will receive information every time our stream goes live.  Also, pending streams (the next Mass, or funeral, or wedding etc) will show.

On most modern TV’s they are bundled with a selection of what are called ‘apps’ which you can access via you remote controller.  Your TV needs to have a wifi, or cable connection to your internet. In amongst the ‘Apps’ are BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, YouTube and many others.  If you select YouTube and haven’t used it before you may be asked to create an account.  If you have a Google account you can use that – and once that’s all done you can then search for our channel as above and subscribe.  The advantage of this is that you get to watch in whatever size your TV is – so 60″ then, Madam!

Zoom and the Opportunities it presents.
Zoom has now become something of a household word and this piece of software has enabled families and work colleagues (and priests and Bishops) to meet, co-ordinate work and discuss important things connected with work. But did you know you can also have Zoom Coffee Mornings?
Or Zoom Bible Studies? Or Zoom Book Clubs?

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In the Autumn I intend to promote the use of Zoom to help keep our parish connected and alive beyond the Sunday Mass Livestream. Ideally, I am looking for individuals to host meetings for Prayer Groups, or Study Groups, or Book Clubs – but failing that, I will host some of them myself. Why not think about joining in?


Also in the Autumn I am going to launch a study group via Zoom using the Sycamore series of videos. These video’s feature a catholic priest from Westminster Diocese who is an attractive and excellent communicator – Fr Steven Wang.

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Cranleigh and Bramley Parish

If you have any questions or queries please email the Parish Office at office@cpcb.org.uk or telephone 01483 272075.

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