Living behind God’s back

Living behind God’s back

By In Pokot On November 7, 2010

The severe drought is continuing and people and animals are now dying.  I have led assessment groups into some remote villages to establish the needs of the people.  We found women boiling toxic fruits to remove the poison.  They then taste the water to see if the fruits are safe to eat.  The result is severe vomiting and severe diarrhea.  Three times the fruits have to be boiled and tested.

There are no cows or animals to be seen in this pastoralist community.  They have either died or have been taken by the menfolk to the hills in search of grazing and water.  One of the teams arrived as an elderly man who died from starvation was being taken out for burial.  A small school child collapsed in front of them from hunger.  He had not eaten in three days.

The people in these remote areas say the Pokot live “behind God’s back”, in other words they feel they feel they are a forgotten people.  Temperatures vary between 30C and 40C. This is the worst drought in living memory and there are no signs of rain.

Thank you to the Pound a Week Group for the £1,750 you have sent.  £500 will be used for the two students who are being sponsored.  We will use the remaining £1,250 to buy food for the hungry.

Please remember the Pokot people in your prayers.

Fr David

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