Lent Programme – The Joy of the Gospel

Lent Programme – The Joy of the Gospel

By In Hot Topic On February 8, 2019

Throughout the diocese in all parishes the people of God – you and me – are being encouraged to open up a new chapter in the life of the Church by being renewed in faith, hope and love for the gospel. The Bishop wants us to do this through a renewed emphasis on prayer, formation, and mission. That is, those people who pray become fired up with the gospel and seek to deepen their understanding of what Jesus is doing in and through the Church so that they can go and “make a difference”.
I am urging you to make this Lent a real opportunity for growth in your own life and then, in the life of our parish. After consultations with the Rector of the Anglican Church we have agreed to run the very same Lent programme together. What an amazing thing is that? We are looking at Pope Francis’ letter The Joy of the Gospel using a course designed by a leading Anglican theologian and Lay Canon of Guildford Cathedral. How ecumenical is that! Widely recognised as offering wisdom and vision for all Christians in a culture that is often hostile to the church, Evangelii Gaudium offers a positive and realistic approach to sharing faith in the modern world. Paula Gooder introduces its key themes to readers in all denominations and challenges them to consider its application in their own contexts.

The Anglicans regularly get 50 people as part of their programme. There is absolutely nothing to stop us equalling that number. So read on, dear reader.

  • Small Groups for Lent in Bramley at 10am on Monday mornings and at Cranleigh Thursday evenings at 7.30
  • Also, Friday afternoons at 2pm in St Andrew’s Room, St Nicolas Church Rooms. The Friday afternoon Group runs from Friday 8th March for 6 weeks until the Friday before Palm Sunday.
  • The Thursday evening group starts on Thursday 7th March in the Parish Room and runs every Thursday for 6 weeks until Palm Sunday.
  • It is possible to attend both, or either. But probably better to stay with one group as much as possible.
  • The Bramley group starts on Monday 11th March at 10am at Maureen Loveder’s house. Ring Maureen if you are interested (Tel: 894048) or sign the list in the porch in Bramley, or sign up online. For more information, ring Bridget Eacott (Tel 892406)

Sign ups are running on our website on the Events page or follow the link from the Lent page.

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