Hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.
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Hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

By In Pokot On January 14, 2017

Hello All. Hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.
Here are  messages I received recently from Fr Sean McGovern at Rotu and Fr David Conway at Barpello.”Good morning Eugene
I hope you had a very happy and peaceful Christmas. I’ve just now sent you a few photos of a wonderful day we had at Rotu for Christmas. At least 300 got dinner. 2 large goats 🐐. 10 large cabbages. A sack of rice. And before all that a cup of sweet tea.
Not a scrap was left.  Many thanks to £ a Week.  God Bless!
Sean”And in his message Fr Conway thanked all the members of the Group for our continuing support of his mission and also reported the following about the Dairy Herd which we funded last year with the help of a 50% grant from a Charity.:-“Dear Eugene.
Greetings and thanks for the  efforts of the Pound a Week Group
Last week we finally purchased three milking cows and one bull to follow. I will send you photos, idc.
I will update you.
David”I will report further when I hear again from Fr Conway. In the meantime, he told me that of the 160 students at the Mission secondary school who sat their final exams,  all passed and 74 boys and girls qualified for university or college. A wonderful achievement.Thank you all for your continuing support for our Pokot projects.

By way of update I thought you might like to see this appeal by the Bishop of Nakuru, which includes East Pokot, to the churches and religious in the Diocese for help in dealing with the severe drought in the region. You will also be pleased to hear that, thanks to your incredible generosity, I shall be arranging a further transfer of funds to Fr Conway at the Barpello Mission and Fr Sean at Rotu. At present I have £8500 on hand and am awaiting some further donations of the order of £1200 this weekend for school fees. The total of £9,700 will be divided as follows.

£2,000 to Fr Sean at Rotu for his emergency food and drought projects.

£3,320 to Fr Conway for school and university fees

£4,380 to Fr Conway for his emergency food and drought projects. Fr Conway told me that so great is the immediate need for food and water that he had to borrow one million Kenyan Shillings form the school fund (about £8,300) to buy provisions. He said that what we are sending will enable him to repay the fund almost all the borrowing and that he remains eternally grateful to the pound a Week Group for our support at this dreadful time.

Best wishes


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