Greetings and good wishes from East Pokot.
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Greetings and good wishes from East Pokot.

By In Pokot On December 7, 2013

East Pokot is known as Tiyati Constituency.  East Pokot is a sub-county of the Greater Baringo County.  This January East Pokot has had No Rains, Temperatures have been over 40 C.  There is just dust.  No vegetation what so ever.  Animals are suffering, people are in a very vulnerable situation, especially for the old and young.   Drought and famine has already claimed the lives of three residents as in The Nation Newspaper today 03.02.2014.

Primary schools have not received sufficient food this term, this has led to large drop-out numbers from schools as pupils have to find food elsewhere.  As secondary schools open this week parents struggle to find basic fees.

People in the communities have resorted to Toxic Wild Fruits which have to be boiled for hours so as to make them safely edible.

East Pokot needs emergency food relief food now to try to alleviate a situation of disaster.   Catholic Missionaries who have been in East Pokot for over 30 years are ready to help in the distribution of food relief, should it become available.

(Fr.) David Conway, C.S.Sp.

Post script – The £10,000 donated by a family earlier in January has been sent to Pokot urgently to help with this emergency situation.  Hopefully it will go some way to helping those in need through the Barpello and Rotu missions.  Thank God for the generosity of the Pound a Week Group in our Parish.

POKOT School Fees

The 2014 fees are now payable.  £300 will pay for a student for a full year.  The Fr Ken Freeman Memorial Scholarship was awarded to a student named Lopakan Kasigho Jackline and the Group will continue to pay his fees through all of his 4 years at the school.  Please contact Eugene McGivern if you would like to sponsor a student for a year or pay fees for part of a year.

Excellent News from POKOT

Last week a family in the Parish gave me a fantastic donation of £10,000, yes ten thousand pounds, for the Missions at Barpello and Rotu.  Fr David Conway and Fr Sean McGovern tell me that the money will be used for much needed food relief as the January rains have failed and daily temperatures are around 40C

Fr Sean added, “We in Rotu are in continuing need of food assistance for people.  Much of it is distributed as food for work programmes.  This includes keeping the almost impassable roads reasonably well open; bringing water for building; and collecting hard core and gravel.  And much more.  We also have a very important primary school feeding programme.  The children now get a morning meal and lunch.  And the destitute are always with us.”

Both priests have told me that the generosity and continuing support of our parish Pound a Week Group is a tremendous help in their Catholic missionary work in East Pokot.

Just before Christmas I was able to send Fr David £2,000.  This was made up of the usual weekly donations and a few specific donations to help particular families in distress; to help pay for emergency surgery for a TB patient and to pay the fees of a couple of students from very poor families.  The balance of some £800 was to be used as Fr David felt best.  Here is his report.

“I propose to help ten Form 1 children with 10,000 Kenya Shillings each to buy the extra requirements for their schooling.  Normally we look to the families to contribute to these requirements, i.e.uniforms, a box for possessions, toiletries, pullover, shoes etc, but so many of our children and families just cannot afford even the basic requirements.  I have also used the donation of £350 from a member of the Pound a Week Group to help two very needy boys with their fees.  Their families cannot even afford their requirements let alone their fees.  By helping these students the Pound a Week donor is helping some of the poorest and most marginalised families.”

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