Fourth Sunday in Lent

Fourth Sunday in Lent

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Mass and Devotions

Saturday 30 March – Fourth Sunday in Lent
Cranleigh     6pm      Vigil Mass       Peter Sprake (RIP)

Sunday 31 March
Bramley       9am      Parish Mass    Len Buckley (RIP)
Cranleigh     11am     Parish Mass   Brian Longman (RIP)

Tuesday 2 April
Bramley       10am      Mass

Wednesday 3 April
Cranleigh     7pm      Mass

Thursday 4 April
Bramley       10am     Mass

Friday 5 April
Cranleigh     10am     Mass

Saturday 6 April
Cranleigh     10am     Mass

Saturday 6 April Fifth Sunday in Lent
Cranleigh     6pm      Vigil Mass

Sunday 24 March
Bramley       9am      Parish Mass
Cranleigh     11am     Parish Mass

God’s prodigal love…

This week we have one of the most beautiful parables ever told by Jesus.  In telling it Jesus revealed, in an incomparable way, his own understanding of the possibilities of a real relationship with the God whom he called ‘Abba”.  The simple message that we can take away from the gospel is that ‘God loves me’ and will stop at nothing to find me when I am lost.  The youngest son has lost himself through foolishness, arrogance, and waywardness.  He foolishly believed that he would be better off as if his Father was dead.  He arrogantly believed that all that would come to him was his to squander as he pleased, and his waywardness and irresponsibility led him to the direst of circumstances.  In all this the Father never lost hope that his son would ‘come to his senses’.  He constantly looked for him and longed for his return.  On his return the Father restored him to his original dignity plus plus. From eating the husks for the pigs he had a banquet thrown in his honour and is clothed once more in his filial best robes.

The question for us all is: can I overcome my shame to return to the Lord?  Everyone has something, or things, in their past that are shameful, that overshadow their present and threaten to limit life’s chances and fulfilment.  The reconciliation offered in Christ seeks to remove that shame and restore us to the Father’s home – our home which we left behind.  For what? For a vague promise of happiness and passing pleasure that lead to shallow friends and ultimately to being lost. Being reconciled and allowing God’s grace to work within us.  How does St Paul put it today?

“For anyone who is in Christ, there is a new creation; the old creation has gone, and now the new one is here. It is all God’s work.”

Being reconciled makes us into a new creation and restores us as God’s sons and daughters.  It is all God’s work!  Can you believe it?  But we do have to recognise the opportunity and allow God’s grace to work within us. Perhaps the worst sins are, after all pride and shame.  Pride in that we won’t let the father touch us and shame that we don’t think he wishes to or would do so for me – miserable sinner that I am.  I say to you – be reconciled.  Know the joy of forgiveness and the fulness of life lived in Christ anew. Fr David

image1170x530cropped-1.jpgCyclone Idai Emergency

Please support our parish retiring collection THIS weekend for this appeal. Your donation will give food, clean water and healthcare to people in desperate need.

Gabriele, our expert working with the Church in Mozambique at this time, tells us: “We know that Idai has wiped out crops and livestock, damaged water supplies and wrecked sanitation facilities, leaving vulnerable families even more exposed. With the support and generosity of the Catholic community, we can reach the people who really need urgent emergency aid.”

holy-week.pngHoly Week– There is a sign-up sheet in the porches awaiting volunteers for foot washing at the Mass of the Lords Supper on 18thApril in Cranleigh.

Joy_of_the_Gospel__23292.1452090414.500.750.jpgThe Lent Course, “The Joy of the Gospel” is running each Thursday 7.30pm at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind also Friday 2pm at St Nicolas Church Rooms, Cranleigh.   You are invited to attend both or either.

stations-of-the-cross.jpgLent – Stations of the Cross

Thursdays in Bramley Morning Prayer at 9am and Stations of the Cross at 9.30am
Fridays in Cranleigh Morning Prayer at 9am and Stations of the Cross at 9.30am, in addition:  Wednesdays at 10.00 in Cranleigh

thank-you-lettering-with-curls_1262-6964.jpgSOUP LUNCH– A hardworking team – Jill, Eileen, Anne, Jane, Linda  and Martin served soup, cake, tea & coffee to about 25 people and raised £269 for Parish Funds.  No expenses were taken.  Many thanks to all our supporters.  Win Bracking

Talent1.pngTalent Scheme

This Lent we will again be running a Talents Scheme in aid of the Cranleigh Parish Room fund. Our wonderful Parish Room is already enriching our lives together – but it still needs paying for.

To support this project, we are asking you to take a £10 gift envelope offered to you under the Talents Scheme and then MULTIPLY it through your own talents and donate the money raised back to the project handing it in on or before the Feast of Pentecost which falls on June 9th.

£10 gift envelopes will be distributed at the entrance of the churches after Mass.
They can also be collected from the Parish Office which will also happily promote your talent to our community.

Raffle Leg of Lamb raffle – tickets are on sale at all weekend Masses £1 per ticket or £5 for 6 tickets. The draw will take place on  Sat 6thApril, ready for Easter

logo.jpgMentoring at Glebelands

Would you be interested in mentoring/ listening with individual students? This would mean helping young people to take responsibility for their own lives/choices and encouraging them. The Parish Church in Cranleigh invites members of other denominations to join them as volunteers in working with the Bridges project (Guildford diocese) to start a mentoring project with Glebelands secondary school.

Please contact Gabrielle Clarke (, 07853 502252) for more information. They plan to do an introductory training session just after Easter (Date/venue TBC).

050113_bouguets_bul3(1).jpgCranleigh Flower Arrangers:

The flower arranging team would love to have some more helpers.  Please contact Anne Millar Tel: 01483 276902.  Email annewightman7@hotmail.comas soon as possible as she is finalising the rota and can talk you through what the role entails.



Further information can be found on our website

x4qgkxda7q5ei49.jpgThe Passage hopes to raise £400,000 to provide solutions that will help people move away from rough sleeping permanently over the next year.

The Passage is raising funds through the Big Give from 12 noon Tues 19th March – 12 noon Tues 26th March to support its work with homeless people moving from Street to Home. Double your Donation, Double your impact.  This is a matched giving scheme for online donations. If someone (can be company, individual or trust) gave £10 online matched giving of £10 would bring the Gift up to £20 (and for individuals to £22.50 with Gift Aid with higher rate tax relief it may cost the donor less than £10).

For more information ring Andrew Hollingsworth 020 75921856

Donate at

The maximum is £25,000 from any one donation. It is not a limit per person.

2548147_1ab37d80.jpgHosanna! A Cantata for Holy Week.

Come and relive the events of Holy Week as we are led by HAND IN HAND.

Saturday 13th April 2.30 pm at St. Wilfrid’s Parish Hall. Station Road Burgess Hill. RH15 9EN.

Audience participation welcomed!

Correction:  The last insert for the Walking Pilgrimage had an incorrect website address.  It should be

I had typed

garage-sale.pngYolanda is having a garage sale of furniture on Sunday 7th of April from 10 until 5p.m. enquires    01483 273370 between 10 a.m.- midnight. Donation towards the Parish meetings room.  Please come no reasonable offer refused.  Also landscape paintings from £15 -£495 framed & signed Yolanda Jackson Sefton House Guildford road Rowly opposite Pet’s Pantry.

If you would like to advertise your Talents Event or service please email the details to

Talents 2019


runner beans.png


chilworth-2012.jpgYou are warmly invited to a presentation of the eighth episode of ‘Catholicism – a journey to the heart of the faith’, by the acclaimed author and speaker Bishop Robert Barron, on Saturday April the 6th, 2019. This is a Chilworth Abbey Study Day given by Fr John Seddon OSB, who will contextualise the episode and then teach and lead discussion about its subject matter.  The day begins with Mass at 9.00 am, followed by coffee. The eighth film investigates ‘A Vast Company of Witnesses: The Communion of Saints’, which will be shown, chapter by chapter followed by teaching and discussion. Midday prayer and lunch will divide the day and concludes at 4.00 pm. Come to part, or all of the day, as it suits you. Bring a packed lunch and if you can, a friend. Tea and coffee is provided. St Augustine’s Abbey, Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth, Near Guildford. GU4 8QR. Online information:

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