Corpus Christi – 18th June 2017

Corpus Christi – 18th June 2017

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Second Collection THIS Sunday for A Day for Life please see the leaflets that have been distributed for more info.

Also a second collection NEXT Sunday for Peter’s Pence.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Today is one of the loveliest, and most important, celebrations in the Church’s year – Corpus Christi which was instituted by Pope Urban IV in 1264, apparently after a miracle in which the Sacred Host at the Mass began bleeding, the blood dropping onto the corporal – the white linen cloth on which the elements of bread and wine stand during the consecration.  How-ever, a special day of celebration had been in existence long before that date in certain dioceses – the Pope therefore universalised what had been, in places, a local custom.  However, it began, the feast is a celebration of the wonder of the Sacrament of the Body and blood of Christ and the priceless gift this is to Christians in their pilgrimage through life. We should all hold the sacrament in the highest esteem and honour and do all we can to participate fully and actively in our celebrations.

The Opening Prayer today says this: “Grant us, so to revere the sacred mysteries of your Body and Blood that we may al-ways experience in ourselves the fruits of your redemption.”  The question arises in my mind as to how we as a community “revere” the sacredness of the sacrament?  Have we grown over-familiar with it? Used to it in such a way that we have forgotten how sacred it is, and gracious of God?

I say this as I have noticed a falling away, not just from the practice of coming to mass of many Catholics, but of reverence during mass.  People arrive late habitually, not occasionally.  Few people genuflect or even bow to the altar when this should be an outward sign of the inward reverence that we feel for the presence of God in the Eucharist.  People talk in the procession for communion, or before mass, in such a way as to be a distraction and nuisance to those who are truly trying to pray.  Children are fed with snacks to keep them quiet instead of being taught the value of restraint and patience. And so on.

Why is this reverence important? Well, it’s worth repeating, and the opening prayer suggests it too, that we become what we worship.  So, if money is our goal and chief aim we will start to think of everything according to “value” quite different from someone who values things and people through a different measure.  Similarly, when we reverence Christ in the sacrament and show that exteriorly and interiorly, we start to grow towards Christ and, in experiencing Christ, we allow Him to bear fruit within us.

So, through reverence for Christ in the mass, in the sacred Host, in the silence, in the singing of mass we start to appreciate and become what we are called to be – Christ’s presence in the world.  We truly become what we eat.  I hope you can see that reverence begins at home and continues beyond communion and out into the world where we bear fruit according to what we have received.  Have our senses become dulled such that we aren’t truly aware of the value of what we have received?  I hope not.

With my love, your priest

Fr David

Ministers of Extraordinary of Holy Communion will be recommissioned at all Masses THIS weekend

INDUCTION MASS for Natalie McCarthy, Headteacher of St Cuthbert Mayne School. 

Thursday 6th July at 2pm.

Like a new parish priest, a new headteacher is inducted into the school and parish community as they take on a leading role within, and for, that community.

Mrs McCarthy’s Induction takes place early next month.  It is a parish and a school as well as a diocesan celebration to which all parishioners, parents, grandparents and children are invited.  During the mass, Mrs McCarthy will be asked about her commitment to the school and we will be asked about our commitment to her as our new Headteacher.  Please save the date and make it a priority to be there.

First Holy Communion 2017-18 Parents Information Session

The Cranleigh and Bramley Parish First Holy Communion programme starts in the Autumn each year and runs through to the following Summer.  To take part children should be aged seven or older and baptised.  The Programme is designed to help families work together with catechists to prepare their children to receive their First Reconciliation and then later their First Holy Communion.

We are inviting parents to an information session on Thurs-day 6th July 7.30pm in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.   At this meeting, we will explain the format of the Programme.

Please sign up to the Parents Information Session using the Parish website and go to the Parish Events page.

The St Cuthbert Mayne

Summer Fiesta Fair

will take place on

Sunday 18th June 12.00-2.30pm

and all are welcome to attend this fun filled day of entertainment and good food.

Please return Lent Talents Money

Thank you to everyone who has returned your money this week – it has come back in a flurry.

There are only about 15 envelopes to come back and the deadline for this is now Sunday 25th June.

We hope to do a final count and publicise the total very soon.  All your hard work is very much appreciated.

St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School have reception places available for September 2017.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining the school family then please ask them to contact the school office to arrange a visit to the school Tel. 01483 274961.

The next Baptism Course is being run 28th June and 12th July – Please see the parish website Events Page to sign up.


Missio’s Association of the Propagation of the Faith and Mill Hill Missionaries work together to share the love and com-passion of Jesus with the whole world by sustaining missionary priests, sisters and lay members to help some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people. Your prayers and generosity are essential for the mission of the Catholic Church.

A simple way to help Missio is to have a Red Box in your home Pop some of your small change into the Box when you can. The more boxes we have the more money we can send from our Parish.

Fran Pickett will be in the church porch after the 6pm. Vigil Mass and 11am Sunday Mass in Cranleigh and the9am Bramley Mass of the weekend THIS weekend. Please consider signing up for a Red Box if you can and I will also have ‘Gift Aid’ forms if applicable.

Our parish team of promoters will be arranging the annual collection of the Red Box monies around September, but if there is anyone who has not had their box emptied for a long time I would be very happy to receive it from you that weekend or alternatively my phone number is 01483 276614 or email Thank you, Fran Pickett.

The Over 50’s Coffee Morning will now cease until September.   Details nearer the time will be advertised.  Thank you to everyone who arranged and supported this Group.

The Parish Fashion Show took place on Monday and a great many thanks go to everyone who arranged, modelled and supported this event.  If you would like to hold an event in the Parish please speak to the Parish Office who can put you in touch with the Fundraising Committee in or-der to support your efforts.

Children play with the toys supplied by PACT at the visitors centre. HMP Nottingham visitors centre run by the Prison Advice and Care Trust, PACT.

Pact, the Catholic Charity for prisoners and their families is offering free training and support for parishioners interested in volunteering with them in prisons or in the local community.  No previous experience necessary.  All enquiries welcome.  To find out more contact,uk





Unfortunately, the Parish Camping Event at Coolham has been cancelled due to failure to meet minimum numbers.   We are sorry to the families who were looking forward to this event, please contact the office in order to receive your refund.

Dinah Meech would like to thank everyone who participated in her house clearance sale. It raised £300 for Pokot and as it was by donations she was able to gift aid it bringing in another 25 per cent   Also, she would like everyone to know that she has now moved to Elmbridge and her new phone number which is 271 241.

The Manna Academy Christian Performing Arts Presents a heart-warming musical set in the 1980s for all the family “Sherbet Pips” on July 15th at 7pm at St Catherines Theatre in Bramley.  Tickets are £6 each.  The Co-Founder Jamie Crick has offered some complimentary tickets to our Parish.  Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to attend but for some reason cannot.

Wintershall are offering half price tickets for the performances Life of Christ of on Wednesday 21 June and Friday 23 June. These cannot be booked through the website but can be ordered by telephoning Finola Coltman on 01483 892167 or by emailing

Contratulations to the June 300 Club winners Eileen Koblintz, K Reed and David Barry.


Picnic on the Common

from 12 noon opposite the Baptist Church.


All the Churches in Cranleigh are getting together for a picnic in the park on the common on Sunday 16th July.  Please support this event and come and meet our brothers and sisters in the Methodist, Baptist, and Anglican churches of our village.  Hopefully a lovely day, please bring food and drink for your own family and friends and be prepared to share!  Also, some games might be an idea.

Pokot News

Here is the latest report from Fr Sean McGovern at the Rotu Mission. In his email, he had been telling me about the violence, the tribal unrest and the difficult security situation they have been experiencing in East Pokot. He continued as follows: –

“Eugene, on a more pleasant note, I have received from the Pound a Week Group two donations of £2,750 each. One per email of 1st March and the other email 19th April. Both I have received through Fr. David at the Barpello Mission.

These funds have been an enormous help in the ongoing drought situation. We have distributed food relief to literally thousands of people in the past few months. And it is ongoing. We give food out every day indeed, as there is wide-spread hunger. It is distressing to see people during the food distribution picking out of the dust any few grains of maize or beans that happen to fall in the handling. Once a week we give out a generous amount to the old and infirm. On the other hand, the able bodied are willing to do work for food and that is a frequent occurrence. It brings food to the families daily. The school breakfast continues apace. It is one of the really great innovations possible because of the Pound a Week Group funding. Millet porridge, sugar and camel milk. The children love it. As my father used to say over a good meal at home, “You wouldn’t get that in the Gresham” [a posh Dublin hotel] though I doubt if the good man ever darkened its door.

There were vast losses of livestock here in recent months. But since a couple of showers early in May the situation has eased a little. Sadly, the rains have not continued and indeed do not look promising. I see the temperature in the shade at 40C again today. And it’s getting to “Winter”. Please keep us in your prayers.

God bless for now.


If anyone would like more information about our Pokot Projects, there is a lot of interesting material on the Parish website.  Eugene McGivern  01483-893379 or

You are warmly invited to a Day of Prayer in honour of Our Lady Queen of Peace, on Saturday, June 24th at St Augustine’s Abbey, Chilworth, near Guildford. The Day, from 10.15 to 4 pm, will include Mass, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, inspiring talks, the Rosary and more, led by Fr John Seddon OSB. Bring a packed lunch and a friend if you can. Come to part or all of the Day. Visit for more information.


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