Considerable Damage

Considerable Damage

By In Pokot On October 7, 2014

Fr David Conway told me that considerable damage was caused to the homes and businesses in the Mission area following a major security operation by an armed police force.  This is his report.

“Here in East Pokot we are having a lot of security problems.  We had to close the school a few days early but thankfully we were able to complete the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations successfully.  The police operation still goes on and at times is very violent with houses, shops and businesses being burned down or badly damaged.  The local economy was seriously affected during and after the prolonged drought and has been plunged into deeper decline and poverty as a result of the security operation.  The violence is going to have a great effect on our school as I can see parents taking their children to a safer location.  However, we have to keep going, accept the hardship and continue to give our students a quality education.  Thank you all in the Pound a Week Group for all you have done for us.  Please remember us in your prayers and I pray that you will be able to continue your wonderful support in 2015.”

I asked Fr David if he needed some emergency funding to help those who lost homes and business, but he told me that such help could be seen as political with the Mission helping the Pokot people against the authorities and that at such a time of heightened tension it was important to let things calm down.  I will report further when next I hear from Fr David.

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