Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

By In Pokot On December 25, 2016

Here is a report from Fr Sean McGovern at Rotu and some photos which I thought you might like to see.
“Good morning Eugene on this warm St. Stephen’s day.
I write to inform you that we had a wonderful Christmas day. And I trust you had the same.
We had a very  nice morning Mass followed by a distribution of shoes to the young children who were in the church. 29 in all received shoes courtesy of the Pound a Week Group’s year of mercy kindness. I have my niece Cliona visiting from Dublin and she took some pictures of the occasion which she will forward to you later today (now attached).
After that excitement we had dinner for well over 100 people. While there was no turkey all expressed their great satisfaction with the cuisine. It was ‘organized chaos’ at times but that’s par for the course here.
Then there  was games for the children and a football match in which Queensberry rather then FA rules prevailed and red cards would definitely have been distributed liberally if we were in Old Trafford. But the excitement was wonderful and fresh air swipes frequent. 
It was a great day Eugene but quite an exhausting one too. 
God bless for now.
Fr Sean “

The building you see is Fr Sean’s existing church. Work has now begun on a new church at Rotu.
Finally, I have two young people starting secondary school at Fr Conway’s Mission in Barpello. They are both from broken homes with one parent in each case an alcoholic. The families are completely destitute and do not have the money to pay even the small requirements students bring or buy at the school.  Fr Conway tells me that when pupils are sponsored he would normally require the families to pay for the requirements, plus the  transport  costs to and from school at the end of each term but if he does that the boy and girl in question would have to forego the opportunity of a secondary education. For the first year the fees are £418, the requirements £82.50 and the transport £57.60.  If anyone not already sponsoring a student would be interested in sponsoring Rosa or Geoffrey, please drop me an email for more information. Part sponsorship would be very welcome.
Best wishes

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