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charitable trust for funding for a Pokot project

By In Pokot On April 7, 2015

After my annual report to the Parish in January, a member of the Pound a Week Group suggested I might apply to a charitable trust for funding for a Pokot project.  As a result, I was given last week a grant of £8,000 for Fr Sean McGovern to build and equip a new classroom at the Mission Primary school at Rotu.  The school is oversubscribed, has four classes and a nursery but only three classrooms.  I will report further in due course on progress.

I also submitted to the trust an application for funding for Fr David Conway at Barpello to buy and provide for a breeding herd of special cattle with a high and nutritious milk yield.  The intention is that the milk would be given to pupils at the secondary school and nearby nursery and primary schools, a total of 1,099 children.  The trust found this an attractive project but was unable to commit to the £11,000 cost this year and have asked me to come back to them in the New Year.  I shall certainly do so.

However, there was good news also for Fr Conway.  I received a recent and very generous donation of £2,500 which brought the Pound a Week Group funds on hand to £6,000.  Of this £350 is a parishioner’s sponsorship for a child for 2015 and the balance is for Fr Conway to use where he thinks the need is greatest.  I will let you know what he decides.

Sadly there is also some bad news.  The long rains expected some weeks ago still have not come and the longest drought in Pokot memory continues.  The local pastoral economy is being slowly devastated and many families are suffering severe hardship.  As usual the Mission has been playing an important role in running emergency food programmes; and Fr. Conway has used funds sent by the Pound a Week Group to pay whole or part fees for the students whose families have lost their animals and income to the drought.

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