Baby Plimo and Theopilas Nakapel

Baby Plimo and Theopilas Nakapel

By In Pokot On September 7, 2010

Please accept my warm thanks to the parish for your continuing and generous support for the work of his Mission.  The generosity of the kind people in the parish makes our lives so much easier.

The baby Plimo whose operation we helped pay for to remove a very large tumour on his skull continues to do well, but sadly he was born with only one eye which will affect him as he gets older.  His father has abandoned him and his mother.

The headmaster of the secondary school had the sad duty to report the departure of a second year student, Theopilas Nakapel, as he was loosing his eyesight and could no longer study.  As he left, Theopilas told the headmaster “I am a useless man, I’ll be blind soon”.  A doctor had told him the lens in his eyes were detaching from the suspensory ligaments, resulting in blindness.

On recently receiving the £3,500 from the Pound a Week Group, I immediately thought of Theopilas and am arranging for him to see an eye specialist to conduct a full assessment of the problem and advise what, if anything, can be done.  We do not know the total cost of the consultation and, hopefully, corrective surgery, but have been told it will be expensive.  We will be using the money you sent to make a start on the consultation, travelling and treatment.  It is really a blessing that the Pound a Week money came at this time.  Theopilas could not have earlier treatment because of his extreme poverty.  We can now make a start and hope we can find the funds to meet all the costs.

Thank you to everyone who sent money to pay for the fees of a student at the school.  I would like to keep one of the donations for Theopilas if treatment enables him to return to school.

Fr David

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