Ascension of the Lord – 28th May 2017

Ascension of the Lord – 28th May 2017

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

The Ascension of Christ into heaven is such a wonderful feast day as we see our humanity taken up into eternity and the gates of heaven open to us. As Christ came down from heaven and took on our humanity so today he takes that redeemed humanity back to the Father.  He now sits “at the right hand of the Father” where he intercedes for us. So we also see that Christ’s priesthood continues even in heaven as he intercedes for suffering humanity here on earth.  And there is much suffering and much interceding as the events of this week testify to.

It is the letter to the Hebrews in the Bible that really tries to get to grips with this amazing belief – that Christ is our eternal priest – always interceding and always with the Father on behalf of us.  It is a priests “job”, or better, life, to pray for others – as an Anglican Archbishop once put it – “to come before the Lord with the people on his heart.”  And so we see that our human priesthood – people like me and, now, Roy, have a role which is to be “Christlike” in the sense of continuing that work of intercession and sacrifice which is Christ’s own offering to the Father.
As I write this on Friday I have no idea what Bishop Richard has in mind for Fr Roy, but, whatever it is, it will be to pray for Christ’s people, to offer the sacrifice of the Mass, to celebrate the other sacraments of Christ on behalf of the people and to become a living “image” of Christ – or an ikon.  This all sounds rather grand I know, but it is a way of saying that a priest’s life is to “make present” the Christ who is alive in the Church – the Body of Christ and to help God’s people recognise those “presences” by which Jesus is always present to his people.  To do this every priest has to do a remarkable thing which is to forget self to some extent and allow Christ to shine “through” whilst at the same time use his God given gifts to good effect in shepherding, in guarding, in encouraging and above all, as St Paul tells us in his Letter to the Corinthians, in loving.  Jesus was many things, but one thing he was above all was the actual embodiment of God’s love for us.  Out of his poverty every priest must choose each day to love God’s people – that is fairly straightforward in some people and more difficult in others.  But at its heart all ministry in the Church is done out of love – love of God and God’s love through that minister.  As I finish this I am reminded that this can all sound as though we still think of priests as “doing all this” on our behalf whilst lesser mortals (i.e.. Lay people) are not expected to see their lives in this way – but that would be wrong.  The ordained priest is there to help all believers exercise their own priesthood as a people “set apart to sing the praise of God as we heard last week at mass.  With my love, your priest
Fr David

Please note the office will be closed week beginning 29th May and will reopen week beginning 5th June.

Someone very kindly left me two presents by the front door as there was no card nor a name I do not know who left them, and I cannot thank them.  Please call me my Tel No. is 01483 273370 or Yolandaj1@gmx .com It is not my birthday I do not know what I have done to deserve them.  With love and Thanks Yolanda

The Lenten Talents Money are due to be returned over the Pentecost Weekend. If you would like your talents to be advertised please email the office.  Envelopes with donations can be returned to the office at any time.

Giovanni raised a wonderful £178 by making lasagne and selling it to you.  Thank you for supporting Giovanni.

The Secular Franciscan Order will be leading Morning Prayer at 10.00am in St Thomas More Bramley on Saturday 27th May.  Everyone is welcome to join and for coffee afterwards.

“Our family (Gulyas) would like to multiply the talent money by making authentic Hungarian goulash to sell to the members of the parish community. If you would like to pre-order please let us know by the 25th May 2017 on the following ways:, or 07590 832572 (Melinda Gulyas).
1 portion cost £2.99

2 portions: £5

The food can be collected after the morning mass in Bramley (10 am), after the mass in Cranleigh (12 pm) on the 28th May 2017. If you are unable to attend on Sunday the food can be home delivered on the 28th May 2017.

All of the collected money will be distributed back to the parish community.”

PARISH LUNCH – TUESDAY MAY 30th at Bramley following the 11:30 Mass. The usual good homemade fare will be on offer for a donation. Please let Bridget or Felicity know if you are coming as we need to plan quantities.
There will also be sign up sheets at the back of Bramley Church. If you are coming from Cranleigh please let Felicity (273083) know and especially if you would like a lift.

TRAVELLING TRENDS FASHION SHOW Do you need a few new separates to liven up your wardrobe?  Would you like them at Bargain Prices?  Come along to this Parish event and enjoy an evening of fashion and fun!  This is your chance to see, try on, and buy this season’s fashions at greatly reduced prices, and help to raise funds for the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.  The event will start from 7.15pm on Monday 12th June at the St Cuthbert Mayne School.  Tickets are £6.00 which include a drink and nibbles and tickets can be bought from the Parish Office or Georgie Nel or Susanna Page.  This hopes to be a lively fun evening with a Tombola and two opportunities for stalls to be purchased.

27th May 7pm Father Roy’s Mass Reception

Following Father Roys first Vigil Mass in Cranleigh all are invited into the school hall for a celebration reception.

All are invited.

The next CAMEO event will take place at the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on Tuesday 30th May at 7.30pm.   This will be an evening of sharing memories and reminiscing.    Katherine Bergin and Veronica Motchman will be hosting and invite you along to have an evening of refreshments and good stories.

ST CUTHBERT MAYNE CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL has school places available for September 2017, including Reception places.  If you are considering applying for a place and would like to arrange a tour of the school then please contact the school office on 01483 274961 or email on

The next over 50’s coffee mornings will take place next on Tuesday 30th May at 10.30am.  This is open to anyone in the Cranleigh Community so please invite your neighbours or friends if you feel they would like to come along.

Prayers for Manchester Bombing Victims

Bishop Richard Moth has asked for parishes in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton to especially remember in prayer at Masses this weekend the victims and families of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Bishop Richard was shocked and horrified on hearing of the recent bombings in Manchester and joined with the local Bishop, Rt Rev John Arnold and Pope Francis in offering prayers and concern for all those affected. He said: “Please pray for the victims and their families at this time.”

Bishop Richard is confident that the people of Manchester for whatever race or faith will stand together in unity in the face of this barbaric attack.

At this time we are also called to remember all victims of violence across the world wherever they occur.

You are invited to a SERVICE OF RENEWAL AND HEALING Wednesday June 7th 8.00-9.00pm (silent adoration from 7.30) at the Church of St Joan of Arc, Tilford Road, Farnham.

Come and pray for healing of weak faith and renewal of confidence in the Holy Spirit. With praise, Scripture, meditation and personal prayer ministry for healing of spirit, emotions, memory, mind and body. All are welcome.

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