A new herd of camels

A new herd of camels

By In Pokot On November 7, 2008

Greetings to all in Cranleigh and Bramley parish.  Many thanks for your wonderful recent donation of £1,820.  Kenya has gone through a very difficult time but hopefully there will now be lasting peace.

We have been finding it difficult to purchase camels.  First, during last year we had an animal disease called Rift Valley Fever and while it did not affect animals in East Pokot, many districts were put under quarantine and it was impossible to move animals any distance.  Then followed the build up to the elections and the violent aftermath.

Sometimes I feel ashamed asking them to bring at least a little money as we have to buy them food and pay the teachers, especially when I know that at home they often have to go without food.

I am determined to strive ahead with God’s help as this school, the first in this vast area of Pokot, will provide an education which I am convinced will help to eradicate poverty here.

In 2010 we shall be sending out 40 Form 4 students with a full education.  In 10 years that 40 will be 400, with 40 added every year after that.  They will certainly make a great difference to society and the standard of living of all.

We are taking the education of girls very seriously as they normally do not get a chance to go to school in the history of the Pokot.  We currently have 25 girls in Forms 2 and 3 and we are hoping another 12 will join Form 1 next week.  At the very least the weaker ones will leave the school with a voice to be heard in their society.  All these girls need our support if they are to stay at the school as they get no school fees paid from home.

We have had big problems this last year with lights, especially in the dormitories.  Children went to bed in the dark and got up in the dark but with your help this time we were able to put lights in the dorms.  There are so many demands on our resources that many of our projects could simply not be realised without your ongoing support and generosity. We are indeed most grateful.

Fr David Conway CSSp

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