7th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 23rd February 2020

7th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 23rd February 2020

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  • Eugene will give the Pokot Report at all masses this weekend
  • Please give Lenten Alms – “Prayer and fasting are good, but better than either is almsgiving accompanied by righteousness … It is better to give alms than to store up gold; for almsgiving saves one from death and expiates every sin. Those who regularly give alms shall enjoy a full life” (Tob 12:8-9).
  • Ash Wednesday: is a day of fasting and abstinence.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Last weekend a very sad thing happened.  A young woman, who seemed to possess so many of the things that many people are looking for – wealth, health, beauty, career, the admiration of many, many, people, and a huge pool of talents to boot took her own life.  She was awaiting a court case for an alleged assault on her boyfriend, had lost work, and most importantly of all, had become the subject of tabloid speculation and ridicule.  She was the daily butt of stories on Facebook and Twitter and clearly felt she had lost control of her life.  She had also lost an important person in her life – the boyfriend she was not allowed, by the courts, to see even though he wanted to see, and be with, her.

The tragic consequence of all this is that she was unable to cope and clearly lost sight of how those closest to her felt about her.  The constant barrage of negative stories and ‘tweets’ was no longer balanced by a more nuanced and loving ‘feed’ of information and opinions from those who held her in high esteem and loved her.  Perhaps, also, she had begun to see herself as her celebrity personality rather than her true one and once this became tarnished in her, and the eyes of the Press, she felt a loss of dignity and esteem which lead to despair.

But this all made me think of our role as ambassadors for Christ.  Every four weeks the Divine Office reminds priests and deacons and bishops – and those lay folk who also pray the divine office – from the Letter of St Paul to the Ephesians “Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear.”  The King James Version has it like this: “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

Speak not, therefore, words that do harm but words that edify your hearers “as there is need” so that what you say may “give grace” to your hearers.  To edify is to instruct or improve someone in the sense of providing something that is needed and for their good.  This is not the same as being patronising or condescending which has rather more to do with our own need to appear erudite and learned and informed.

The tabloid press, those who carp and criticise others (celebs or not) behind the anonymity of the various online applications and websites are the same as the gossipers of old who stood at street corners, in bars, and coffee shops and who mouthed lies and twisted opinions about others.  The sense of doing it with other’s consent is an important one as it gives such enormous power to those who knock and criticise all the time.  It is the same mentality as the school bully who relies on fear to maintain his bunch of cronies.  No one desires to fall outside the ‘in’ crowd lest the badmouthing starts coming their way.

People say that this is a modern phenomenon – it isn’t – but its dreadful power is magnified by the scale of the internet.  As someone who has been online since 1993, I have seen online bullying since the beginning – bulletin boards and forums, now Facebook and Instagram.  As Christians we should only use words that build up and provide what is needed – and that means even whilst correcting those who do not abide by that rule.  We must fight hatred with love – as Christ showed us.

God Bless you all.  Fr David

financial-news-logo.jpgWhen Cranleigh and Bramley Parish agreed to build a new hall next to the church in Cranleigh we knew that we had to raise the funds to pay for its building.  Part of the funding came from the reserves the parish already had, the rest has been raised by a combination of one-off donations, fund-raising activities and those who decided to contribute a monthly amount for a five-year period, over which time we hoped to pay for the building. The end of that five-year period will come with payments made in February this year.

I am pleased to announce that at the end of February we will have broadly covered the cost of the cost of the project. Thank you very much to all who have contributed in any and every way, to making this vision a reality.

Accordingly, anyone contributing by way of standing order is at liberty to cease this contribution.

However, if you are now accustomed to making these contributions and wish to let sleeping dogs lie(!) then there are a number of reasons why this would be very welcome!

Firstly, in building the hall, we have significantly reduced our ‘rainy day’ funds – at a time when rainy days seem all too frequent! It would be good to re-build an element of contingency funds to cover unforeseen events.

Secondly, as the Parish continues to reflect on its Mission – and how it can be more effective in spreading the good news to all of our community, we will inevitably need to spend a bit more money than we can currently afford.

Nonetheless, the choice is yours! Thank you for your great efforts in getting the hall built and for all that you do to support the life of the Parish.

Patrick Bergin – Chair of the Parish Finance Committee




In the year to 31st December last we sent the record sum of £66,800 to the two Pokot Missions. This brought our total support for the Missions since September 1997 to £406,220.  Our expenses came to 79P which I lost in rounding the figures!!

Source of funds

We began the year with funds in hand of £7,192. Weekly envelopes and one-off donations plus the proceeds of £295 from the Parish Raffle came to £53,393. Gift Aid tax refunds provided a further £10,376. Funds in hand at the year-end came to £4,161.

How was the money used?

£20,530 on Education.  This paid for school, university and college fees of students sponsored by member of the Group. The figure also included a £500 contribution towards the nursery school teacher’s salary, plus a further £770 towards the cost of in-service training at the Rotu Nursery School, adult education and some help for primary school pupils.

£15,000 paid for the building of a small house at the Rotu Mission to accommodate two resident medics.

£1,300 was for the Solar Lamps project.

£5,800 paid for emergency food supplies.

£3,000 went to Fr Sean’s medical team to help deal with the cholera outbreak.

£2,820 paid for operations for a young girl with multiple leg fractures and treatment for a paralyzed young boy and a very sick man. It also included the costs of a Laboratory Technician Course.

£7,300 paid for two clean water projects.

£500 helped to fund school breakfasts at the Rotu schools.

£7,350 went towards the costs of the Tailoring Project at Barpello.

£1,360 was for Fr Sean to buy a two-phase welder/generator. He used a further £640 to help a lady start up a fuel supply business. From discretionary funds we sent him, he set aside £1,200 towards general Mission expenses.

Fr Sean McGovern. Fr David Conway and Fr Paul Kamau have asked me to convey to all members of The Pound a Week Group their most sincere and heartfelt thanks for this unfailing and most generous support for their Missionary work amongst the Pokot people.

Eugene McGivern Tel. 01483-893379 or emcgivern@btinternet.com 22 February 2020

ParishLunch1-1.pngThe next Parish Lunch will take place on Tuesday 25th February in Bramley, there are sign-up sheets in the porches, and you can also let the Parish office know if you would like to attend or know someone who may like to be invited.  Mass will be at 11.30pm on this day.

unnamed.gifEcumenical Evening Prayer at St John’s Seminary, Wonersh on Monday 2nd March, 8pm.  All are welcome.  Please bring your friends.

WDP-2020-Poster-.jpgThis year’s World Day of Prayer service takes place on Friday March 6th at Cranleigh Methodist Church at 10.30 am with tea/coffee served from 10am. The service this year has been prepared by the Christian women of Zimbabwe and is titled “Rise! Take your mat and walk.”

St Thomas More is hosting the World Day of Prayer service for the local churches around Bramley, on Friday March 6th at 11am. All are welcome

061019-025359_curry-night.pngParish Social Evening:

We are holding another film and dinner night to give us all an opportunity to get together.  It will be on Friday 28th February in the Cranleigh parish room from 6:30 with the film at 7:30 ish. As before it is open to all and not just a men’s night.

We will probably eat curry again but if you have a particular aversion or dietary requirements then let me know and I’m sure we can accommodate.

The cost will be £15pp for the film and food but please bring your own drinks, any surplus monies will go to the hall fund.  The film will be The Two Popes.   Please spread the word and reply to graeme.brand@hotmail.co.uk

Unknown.jpegGuildford Deanery Initial Safeguarding Awareness Training at Jesus the Redeemer of Mankind, Cranleigh, GU6 7AQ, on Tuesday, 21st April 2020 from 7-9 p.m.

  • A reminder that this training is for everyone but particularly targeting those who work with or minister to Vulnerable Groups (Children and Adults at Risk. ) It is the expectation of the Bishop, Trustees and Safeguarding Commission that this initial training is undertaken and refreshed every three years. New Volunteers should undertake the Initial Training within the first year of being appointed. A Refresher Training Programme is now being rolled out. People are welcome to attend initial and refresher sessions in other Deaneries if this is more convenient.
  • We would be grateful to have names/numbers by Wednesday, 15th April for refreshment and hand out purposes.
  • For those  unable to attend this or an adjoining Deanery session and wish to undertake online training, please email office@cpcb.org.uk with name, parish and role, they will then be registered with EduCare, the National online Training Provider. The sections of the modules can be dipped in and out of so can be done when convenient, which is helpful. There is also Certificate provision on successful completion.

Lent-Banner.pngLent begins on Ash Wednesday the 26th of February. 

COMING SOON – 2020 LENT COURSE: Our Lent Discussion Course this year will again be run jointly with the other churches in the Village.  We are proposing to use a book called ‘This? How Christians Respond to Climate Change’ by Susan Sayers.  As last year, there will be an opportunity to attend the course on either a Thursday Evening or a Friday afternoon, or to interchange.  There will be 6 sessions starting on 27th/28th February and running through to the week before Holy Week.

We shall be hosting the sessions on a Friday afternoon from 2pm in our Parish Room at Cranleigh, but there will also be sessions held at Cranleigh Methodist Church on Thursday evenings.

The course begins on the Thursday and Friday immediately after Ash Wednesday and runs through up to the Thursday and Friday before Palm Sunday.  Please do make a note in your diaries.  Lent Material 2020 This year the Diocese is pleased to share the Lent programme from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland . A number of churches are keeping 2020 as “the Year of the Word” so this course, with its focus on scripture, will be an ideal resource for Lent 2020. Can be downloaded as one booklet from www.ctbi.org.uk./lent Jon Harman Diocesan Adviser for Formation and Spirituality

Ethical_superstore_Fairtrade_fortnight_2020.jpgFAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT

This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight begins on Monday 24 February. As a certified Fairtrade Parish, we have made a commitment to use only Fairtrade tea and coffee at all parish events, as well as using other Fairtrade items (such as sugar, biscuits and wine) whenever possible. As parishioners, we are strongly encouraged to buy Fairtrade items when doing our personal shopping all through the year but to make a special effort during the Fortnight.

Buying Fairtrade means the producers receive a guaranteed minimum price for their goods and they also receive a premium on top of that which they can spend on projects to benefit the local community. These projects are decided by the community themselves and include things like improving school buildings or health centres, buying farm tools and equipment, or training courses to gain new skills.

There are now over 6,000 items available with the Fairtrade mark in high street shops ranging from fruit and cereals, through herbs and spices, to jewellery and clothing. So, when you are shopping, remember to use your LOAF – buying items that have at least one (preferably more) of the following attributes: Locally sourced, organically grown, Animal friendly and Fairly traded. 

Coffee-cake.pngThe next Coffee Morning will take place on Tuesday 10th March from 10.30am in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room. This is open to all members of our community and you are welcome to bring a friend or suggest it to someone who may benefit from meeting with this friendly group.

logo.jpgAnnual Justice & Peace Conference: “2020 Vision: Action for Life on Earth”. Ecological Conversion: necessity, dream or delusion? 17th-19th July. Visit: https://www.justice-and-peace.org.uk

Beginning Experience: A weekend away for those who find themselves single again following separation, divorce, or the death of a partner. The Beginning Experience is a weekend programme to help you to move from the darkness of your grief into the light of a new beginning and to face the future with renewed hope. Next weekend is 3-5 April at the Domus Mariae Centre, Chigwell, Essex. More information from Freda 01322 838415 or Maura 01322 551503 or John at johnabrotherton@hotmail.co.uk

The God Who Speaks: Series of Talks at Dorking Parish by Rev Dr Tony Milner. Next one on 27th February, 8 pm, on Genesis 1 – 11: God’s Word and Creation. Please see poster.

Date for Diaries: Annual Formation Day for Those who Support the Bereaved in Parishes: This Year on Wednesday 20th May, at St Bernadette’s, Crawley. To book contact rosie.read@abdiocese.org.uk

A&B Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimages celebrate 45 years! Join us! Mini Pilgrimage “The God who speaks” 7th – 10th May 2020 Arundel – Duncton – Chiddingfold – Guildford. Only £50! Come and walk with us for the weekend! Discover the amazing personal and community value of going on a pilgrimage, as our medieval forebears did, sharing and worshipping together, the journey as important as the destination. New Pilgrims Welcome.

St Thomas Way Pilgrimage “Walking in a Spirit of Thankfulness” 15th–30th August 2020 Swansea– Cardiff–Abergavenny–Hereford
Join us for 2 weeks £210. You need to be over 16 or accompanied by an adult, able to walk at least 15 miles a day at a moderate pace. Luggage is transported by van; a daypack only is needed to carry supplies. Meals are included in the price. All overnights must be booked and paid for in advance; day pilgrims welcome without prior notice. Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimages are organised by past pilgrims on a voluntary basis. For details and bookings: www.thepilgrims.org.uk

Worth Abbey: 31st March-2nd April Lent Retreat Cost: £177 (fully inclusive)
An opportunity to enter more deeply into the themes of Lent and to explore the person of Jesus Christ. The weekend will offer the chance of encounter with Christ in prayer through the Benedictine monastic tradition, with talks, space for reflection, participation in the rhythm of prayer with the monastic community (The Divine Office), Lectio Divina and walks in the beautiful Sussex countryside. You will be staying in St Bruno’s where we offer comfortable accommodation, good food and a warm welcome.

1st – 3rd May – The Mindful Family Retreat Cost: £333 based on family of 4 (children up to 12 only), fully inc: Led by: Shaun Lambert – Shaun is a Baptist minister who has trained extensively in counselling and psychotherapy. He writes regularly for the Baptist Times and other online websites and has also been a regular visitor to Worth. He is the author of ‘A Book of Sparks – a study in Christian Mindfulness’ and ‘Putting On The Wakeful One: Attuning to the Spirit of Jesus through Watchfulness’. His book, ‘Flat Earth Unroofed – a tale of mind lore’ – a children’s/teenage fantasy fiction novel woven around mindfulness, is the inspiration for this retreat.
Worth Abbey and The Open Cloister is perfectly set up to be a sanctuary for families as well as individuals. In this retreat Shaun will draw on the wisdom of the Benedictine tradition as well as the insights of mindfulness. The emphasis will be on being together (rather than doing) in the ‘thin place’ that is Worth along with the beautiful creation the Abbey nestles in. The retreat will be based around key mindful and spiritual principles, with lots of opportunities for play and participating in creative activities. It will also embrace the Abbey’s monastic rhythm of prayer and will be an opportunity to escape the virtual world and experience life in all its fullness, together – making a way to God.   Journey to 2030: More copies of ‘Advent’ publication available from info@journeyto2030.org

Fr John Seddon OSB will present the seventh episode of ‘Catholicism – a journey to the heart of the faith’, by Bishop Robert Barron, on Saturday, March 7th, 2020.The day begins with Mass at 9.00 am, followed by coffee. The seventh film, is entitled ‘Word made flesh, True Bread from Heaven: the mystery of the liturgy and the Eucharist .’ The Day concludes around 4.00 pm. Bring a packed lunch and if you can, a friend. Tea and coffee is provided. St Augustine’s Abbey, Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth, Near Guildford. GU4 8QR.

Notice of Intention to Marry: For anyone considering marriage please be aware that our Diocese requires that you contact the parish in which you wish to be married 12 months beforehand, in order to begin the appropriate preparation and complete the required paperwork.

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