7th Sunday of Easter –16th May 2021

7th Sunday of Easter –16th May 2021

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Fr David’s Message for the Week

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

This week the gospel continues the long, prayerful, discourse by Jesus in his final teaching to the disciples before his Passion.  The Gospel begins this week: ‘‘Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us.” And it to these few words that I would like to speak this week in my little blog.

Next week we shall celebrate Pentecost – the pouring out on and into the Church of the Holy Spirit.  This gift equipped and enabled the Church to proclaim the Gospel in many different ways and, startlingly, in many different languages.  It became, as it were, one message of peace, joy and hope but in many different voices and languages.  It was a message therefore that contained a unity and brought all the disparate tribes and languages and nations together.  Thus, we can see that the Gospel is a universal message which unites and reconciles whilst at the same time being expressed in many different ways.

Jesus’ prayer which I quoted above expresses this theme of unity and oneness – a unity and oneness which lies at the heart of God’s own nature.  Jesus wanted his disciples to be united in heart, mind and message (or spirit) so that they might be ‘one like us’ – that is to say like He is with His Father and with the Holy Spirit.  Any gospel that divides the Body of Christ is not the gospel.  Any prayer that fosters division rather than oneness is not a good prayer.  Any exclusiveness that classifies this group as ‘good’ and that group of people as either ‘less good’ or ‘bad’ is not being true to the oneness of the Trinity.  The Oneness of God is relational as we shall see in just two weeks time when we celebrate Trinity Sunday.  The oneness of God holds together diversity in truth and love.  To be ‘true to (God’s) Name is to reflect in ourselves as Church these intimate relational qualities and the extraordinary generosity of God who is always reaching out to us to draw us in.  Every time we exclusivise anything, every time we create borders and walls, every time we use language that divides and fosters disunity, everytime we set up false dichotomies, everytime we choose to love this person but NOT that person we are not being ‘true to His Name who is ‘our Father’ as we say at every celebration of the Eucharist where there is one bread and therefore One Body and One cup of blessing which we bless, poured out to make us one in Christ.

Jesus pray ends today with a request that as he was sent into the world to do the Father’s will, so he will send out these disciples to announce the good news.  It will be a tough job with much opposition from the ‘evil one’ but as they will be held together in unity by the truth then they will continue to do the Father’s will and to bring his inclusive, generous, love to an expectant world.  We are those disciples today and Jesus’ prayer holds good for us too.  Much love to you all.  Fr David

Please note that Fr David is taking a week’s holiday this week.  Next weekend Fr’s David Murphy and Kevin Dring will be supplying for us.  Please make them welcome.

Parish Hall and Office Cleaner

We are hoping to find someone willing to spend 1 to 2 hours per week cleaning the Parish Meeting Room and Office, the rate is £10 per hour.  Please contact the Parish Office

Cranleigh Church Flower Rota

The members of the flower rota are keen to add to their numbers and ask that if you would like to be involved in joining the flower rota please contact the parish office who can tell you more.

Congratulations to the May 300 Club Winners: M Forristal, D Barry and M Fox.

To all Gift Aiders in the parish: Your Annual Gift Aid Donation Statement for 2020-2021 has been sent to the majority of you by email.  A few have been printed and delivered or posted.  The email comes from Gift Aid Notifications.  If you haven’t received a statement or you have any queries about it, please get in touch with me by email trish@charters.eu.com, phone 01483 271314 or mobile 07835 452898.

Additionally, a few emails and letters acknowledging parish offerings have also been sent to non-taxpayers.

Thank you all for your generosity to the parish last year.  Trish Ellis, Gift Aid Organiser.”


This year the UK will host the largest gatherings of world leaders ever to take place on British soil: the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June and the UN COP26 climate talks in Glasgow in November.

This is an opportunity for the Prime Minister to push world leaders to show the ambition we need to:

  • limit rising global temperatures
  • support renewable energy
  • eliminate debt owed by lower-income countries.

Please consider participating in two positive actions:-

  1. Accept an invitation to directly question our MP ANGELA RICHARDSON on these ambitions and send a message to the British Parliament

Meeting VIA ZOOM – 7.30 pm WEDNESDAY 26th May.

Contact Stephen Rowden on srowden@cafod.org.uk for a Zoom link. Questions may be sent in advance

  1. With the eyes of the world on the UK, urge the Prime Minister to make sure communities hardest hit by the climate emergency are listened to at COP26. Please sign our petition.

For more information including the petition look at Reclaim Our Common Home | CAFOD

 2021 – A year of opportunity
An online talk with Christine Allen, Director of CAFOD

26th May at 7.30 pm, Cost £5

This year the UK will host two major international gatherings: the G7 and the Climate Conference (COP26). Christine Allen will explore ways in which these events could make a difference to our world, especially to the lives of people who live in poverty. She will reflect on the impact of COVID-19 and draw lessons for the future for our interdependence with one another and with our natural world as we seek to recover and heal after the pandemic. You can book online or T: 01428 642161

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