7th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 19th February 2017

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 19th February 2017

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

First let me thank the many people who have helped me to organise and celebrate the various funerals that have taken place in our parish over the last couple of weeks.  It has been refreshing and uplifting to have the participation of the whole community on these important occasions for the families and I hope it has helped those who have small connection with the church to see that, when we are a Christian, our family becomes much wider and variegated (if I can use such a word!).  We have really used all the skills and talents of many people – including those who came to pray for the deceased and their families and had no obvious part to play other than that.  I have been inordinately proud of our parish lately.  Thank you.

Thank you too, to those people who lead with the Youth Mass which we hold (only) once a month due to the commitments of various people.  These masses show us the direction we need to be travelling in if we hope to engage our young people in the life and liturgy of the Parish.  I would dearly like it if the overall tone of our 11am mass was to develop in this general direction with good music and participation from all ages in an uplifting and well celebrated mass.  Please consider ways you can contribute.

I have some news of developments in the parish.  At the last parish Finance Committee I asked for, and was granted, permission to employ a person to take some of the pastoral load from me now that Deacon Roy is otherwise engaged.  I appreciate that this is a financial risk for the parish which we can barely afford but I hope you will support the PFC and me by, perhaps, thinking of ways you could contribute financially to support the worker.  I have asked Jane Harding, whom many will know from her long standing participation in the life of the parish as Confirmation Catechist, Minister of Holy Communion and member of the Pastoral Team (when we had one – watch this space), to take on this role.  She will only be working one day a week – which is scarcely enough but all we can afford.  She will also be taking over the chairing of the excellent Care Group Committee and trying to find new blood to help that Group provide even better service to those in need.  It is my hope that she will be able to coordinate a much larger group of volunteer pastoral workers to support the life of the parish community.  Please congratulate her and support her as she gets to grips with this challenging role.  Much love and prayers.

Fr David

Save the Dates

Thurs 2.45         Mothers Prayers                                    Cranleigh

Friday 9.00       Coffee & Chat                                          Cranleigh

18/2                      Prayer Day                                                 Chilworth

19/2                     Marmalade sale                                       Bramley

19/2                     Youth Mass                                               Cranleigh

20/2                    Choir Rehearsals                                    Bramley

21/2                     Finance Committee Meet                  Cranleigh

22/2                    Nourish Club                                             Cranleigh

22/2                   Liturgy Committee Meet                    Bramley

24/2                 Ministers Training                                     Cranleigh

25/2                 Alton Day of Renewal                             Alton

28/2                 Parish Lunch                                               Bramley

1/3                   Ash Wednesday

2/3                   Grace Parkers Funeral                          Cranleigh

3/3                   Women’s World Day of Prayer         Cranleigh

“                                   “                                                             Wonersh

3/3                   Dementia Training Session               Cranleigh

3/3                   Ministers Training                                  Cranleigh

6/3                   Vespers at the                                         Seminary

10/3                 CAFOD Lent Fast Day

19/3                 Youth Mass                                               Cranleigh

25/3                 Parish Lunch                                           Cranleigh

12/5                 Beer Tasting                                            Cranleigh

27/5-3/6           Pilgrimage to                                      Lourdes

1+2/7               Parish Camping at                              Coolham

Please bring back last year’s palms so they can be burnt and used for the ashes on Ash Wednesday  1st March 2017.

The 300 club winners for February are Tom Appleyard, Linda Orioha c/o Marian Evans and Jane Mayers.

Ministers Training takes place Friday 24th February and Friday 3rd March in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room

The Mothers Prayer Group meets on a Thursday 2.45pm just before school pick up and is an opportunity for the mothers of SCM schoolchildren to join together to pray for yourselves and your loved ones. Join Becca Southwell one week for 20 mins.

From Friday 3rd March there will be a weekly Coffee and Chat meeting in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting room for all parent parishoners of schoolchildren following school drop off.

Open the Book Every week a group of adults from the local churches visits each of the schools to present a bible story in dramatized form, using published material.  The schools tell us how much the children and staff enjoy and appreciate these assemblies.  Due to people’s changes in circumstances the team now need some additional volunteers so that these sessions can continue to be successful.  It isn’t necessary to commit to every week, there are no additional rehearsals, and it isn’t necessary to be a brilliant actor – interest and enthusiasm are the main requirements!  Please contact Julie Connor, 01483 273178 for more information or to offer your help.

Small Group Discussions during Lent

The diocese has prepared a guide to discussion of the 2nd reading of each of the six Sundays in Lent all of which are from the writings of St Paul. There are three established groups in the parish already and anyone wishing to join a group should sign up using the list in the church porch leaving contact details and we will be in touch. The groups meet on different days: Monday and Tuesday mornings and the third on Thursday evening.

You are warmly invited to the next Chilworth Day of Praise and Healing, on Sat, 18th of February 2017. The day begins with Mass at 10.20 am. Online information:www.chilworthbenedictines.com

Look out its nearly time for the talents project. Get your thinking hat on!

Youth masses are on the 3rd Sunday of the month 11am at JCROM.  Dates for the next two are 19/2, and 19/3.  Rehearsals are at 10am on the day so please feel free to come along and get involved. All youth and youthful are welcome!  If you would like to receive the music in good time please contact Charlotte Allan on charlotteanneallan@hotmail.com or 898163 and she will add you to the email list. Many thanks


The BRAMLEY choir (hopefully augmented with willing/ interested parishioners from both ends of the Parish!) will be starting rehearsals on Monday 20th February 8.00pm, for the EASTER music.

We will have all rehearsals at BRAMLEY, as it a central point for most concerned. Maggie will have returned from Australia and is hoping /expecting a good turn out! Please let us surprise her at the response!!  Contact Marilyn Vincent 01483 527001. marilyn@outside-in.co.uk

The Finance Committee Meeting will take place on Tuesday 21st February in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.

There is a Liturgy Committee Meeting in Bramley on Wednesday 22nd February.

ADORE (Alton Day of Renewal) – Saturday 25th February 2017 11.00-4.00

For more information and directions, see poster or website: http://www.altonrenewal.com

Stop hating your diet and start loving it! GO ON – Stick something healthy on your fork!

Joining the Nourish & Flourish Club is like hitting a BIG RESET button on your diet.

At the end of the plan, you’ll feel better, look better and eat better. Oh and you’ll have probably dropped a dress size and up to a stone in weight too!

So how does it work? It’s simple; no calorie counting, pills or potions… just healthy, fresh, simple food.

By joining the Nourish & Flourish Club you will educate yourself about healthy food choices so you can change the way you eat and use the skills and tools you learn to eat well for life – not just for the duration of the programme.

6 sessions at £10 each will be run in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on a Wednesday evening 7.30 starting 22nd February.   All session costs will be donated to the Parish Meeting Room Fund by the organiser charlottehunternutrition.co.uk.   Please register your interest with the Parish Office or with Charlotte Hunter direct.  All are welcome.

Tuesday 28th February is the next Parish Lunch. If you have noticed that this is also Shrove Tuesday, you will certainly want to sign up for what might be your last feast before Lent begins the following day. You never know, there might even be pancakes!  Sign up in the usual way to secure your place or phone Ann, Bridget or Mary, especially if you need a lift. Thank you. Ann 07795608823.  If anyone wants a lift from Cranleigh please telephone Felicity on 273083.

Grace Parkers Funeral will take place in Cranleigh on Thursday 2nd March at 12.30pm.

Womens World Day of Prayer is Friday 3rd March.   This year will be held at the Baptist Church in Cranleigh at 10.30am.  The theme is “AM I BEING UNFAIR TO YOU?”  This service has been prepared by the Christian women of the Philippines but EVERYONE is MOST WELCOME.  Let us have a good representation from the Catholic Church.  Coffee will be served before the service from 10am.

There is also a service being held at the Wonersh United Reformed Church.  Please call Maureen on 892212 if you would like a lift in and around Bramley/Wonersh.

Cranleigh Dementia Friend Session in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on 3rd March 4pm is about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. From telling friends about Dementia Friends to visiting someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.

Dementia touches the lives of millions of people across the UK. Dementia Friends was launched to tackle the stigma and lack of understanding that means many people with the condition experience loneliness and social exclusion. We need to create more communities and businesses that are dementia friendly so that people affected by dementia feel understood and included.   Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to attend this session.

VESPERS at the SEMINARY. By kind permission of the Rector, the Rev Brian Coyle, through Churches Together in Cranleigh, we are all invited to attend VESPERS at 8pm on Monday 6th March.

The programme called “The CATHOLICISM Series – A Journey around the world and deep into the Catholic Faith” will start on Friday 10th March at 10.30am after mass at Cranleigh in the parish room.  The programme consists of a 40 min DVD followed by about 40 minutes of sharing and questions. Tea and coffee will be available.   The parish website has a lot more information.  If you would like to take part, please sign up on the forms at the back of church. http://www.rcchurchcranleighbramley.org.uk.

CAFOD Lent Fast day Friday 10th March

Florence is a hard-working mother who has been helped by CAFOD’s partner in Zambia to learn to become a fish farmer and so provided for her family, and give her children a brighter future by enabling them to go to school. Please support the CAFOD Lent fast day and ensure that more people like Florence can turn tiny fish into something amazing. Many thanks.

A Cranleigh Parish Lunch is being organised by Yolanda Jackson for Saturday 25th March 1pm which will include 2 courses, wine and coffee.  The price will be £10 and there is a sign-up sheet in both porches for up to 20 guests.  Great news 12 have signed up so please confirm to Yolanda if you’d like to be included as soon as possible.  Open to all parishioners is Yolandas raffle which will be drawn at the lunch in order to increase the funds raised.  If you have a prize which you can donate to the raffle, please leave it with Tracy in the office.  All gratefully received, especially wine.

Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Lisieux, Parish, Nevers Rocamadour by luxury coach from 27th May to 3rd June for £679 including all excursions, travelling from London E13.  For futher information call Mrs Mozzi on 020 8472 0843 or 07859 027301.

The Parish Camping event will take place at St Cuthmans retreat and the Parish have sole use of all the wonderful facilities.  Pitches, and proper beds in the house, are being reserved quickly.  Please bring your family and friends to join this weekend event and please pray for good weather.  There are still 6 single rooms and 7 twin rooms all en-suite available for those who don’t wish to camp and plenty of pitch spaces for those that do.

Yolanda Jackson has a gas stove for sale and any donation will be made to the Parish Fund.  Please contact her to view and to make an offer.


Save the Date for Matthew Emms Beer Tasting in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on 12th May at 8pm.  Details to follow in the coming weeks.


The Climate Coalition has released a stunning short film, A Love Song, to inspire communities across the UK to protect the people, places and life we love from climate change. It was made for Valentine’s Day but is still well worth watching. It can be accessed via the CAFOD website here


The ladies of the Parish had a great get together as CAMEO, our ladies’ group, was relaunched. My home was filled with smiles, friendship and shared warmth thanks to the 25 or so people who were part of the bring and share supper. It was splendid and I was pleased to put names to faces and build ever stronger friendships with others. Thank you to everyone who made this event such fun.
We are going to hold a CAMEO event every month and all women in the Parish are welcome. Please look out for notices of the next date, host and what we will be doing.
For more information about CAMEO, please contact me at katie@familymoran.co.uk or 01483 275035 or 07775 628498. Katie Moran

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