6th Sunday of OT – 16.02.19

6th Sunday of OT – 16.02.19

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Mass and Devotions this week

Saturday 16 February – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cranleigh           6pm      Vigil     Julia von Bertele (RIP)

Sunday 17 February

Bramley             9am      Mass     People of the Parish

Cranleigh           11am     Mass     Gillie Nicholls (Int)

Tuesday 19 February

Bramley             10am     Mass

Wednesday 20 February

Cranleigh           7pm      Mass

Thursday 21 February – St Peter Damian

Bramley             10am     Mass

Friday 22 February – St Peter’s Chair

Cranleigh           10am     Mass     Arthur England (RIP)

Saturday 23 February

Cranleigh           10am     Bereavement Mass

Saturday 23 February – 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cranleigh           6pm      Vigil Mass

M Fontebasso (RIP)

Sunday 24 February

Bramley             9am      Mass     Michael Hyde (RIP)

Cranleigh           11am     Mass with Baptism Willoughby Windust

Cranleigh           1pm      Baptism of Kyle Batchelor


Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven will be like this….

For it is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his servants and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability.”Matthew 25:14


This Lent we will again be running the Talents Scheme to help towards Cranleigh Parish Room fund.   Our wonderful Parish Room is already enriching our lives together – but it still needs paying for.

To support this project, we are asking you to take the £10 gift offered to you under the Talents Scheme on 2+3 March – and then multiply it, through your own talents, and donate the money raised back to the project, handing it in on or before the Feast of Pentecost which falls on Sunday 9th June.

Suggestions include growing plants from seeds, organise a social event, offer a service to friends and family, make and sell cakes, offer a lesson if you have a particular skill.   Remember you can go it alone or group together with others to produce a joint Talent event.  All your talents are valued and valuable so do put them to good use this Lent and Easter. If you need any support or have any questions or would like your event publicised, please contact the Parish Office (01483 272075 or office@cpcb.org.uk

Bishop Richard Arundel Castle smilling.jpgSaturday 23rd February 2019, 10am to 1pm at St Philip Howard Centre, Crawley.

To engage further with ‘ The Word Who is Life’ there is an opportunity for the women of the Diocese to meet with Bishop Richard to explore the role of women in our Diocese: what they are doing, what they would like to achieve, what they can offer and what the Diocese can offer them. See fliers on the notice boards.

Some of us have already decided to go to this event. If you would like to join us or would like more information, contact Bridget Eacott (Tel 892406 or email bmeacott@hotmail.com).

Lent Groups

Don’t forget to sign up for the Groups for Lent. Mondays at Bramley, Thursday evenings at Cranleigh Catholic Church and Friday afternoons at St Nicolas Anglican Church.  The Methodist Church is also joining us in using the same material this year.  We need to know that you wish to join in good time because we have to buy the book we shall be using.

Joy_of_the_Gospel__23292.1452090414.500.750.jpgIs anyone interested in a Tuesday morning small group following the Joy of the Gospel? Starting 6thMarch, 10am at Anne Streeter’s house in Ewhurst. Tel 274466 streeteranne@gmail.com

Unknown-3.jpegWorld Day of Prayer

Friday 1st March is WOMENS WORLD DAY OF PRAYER (now renamed World Day of Prayer).  All are welcome to the service to be held at Christ Church, Shamley Green, on Friday March 1stat 11am. Also at 10.30am at St Nicolas Church Cranleigh. Coffee/tea/biscuits will be served at 10am.

This year It is Christ Church who are organising the service for all our surrounding villages outside of Cranleigh.  It is an ecumenical service written by the Christian women of Slovenia.

We will be praying and sharing with people in over 120 countries and islands around the world. 

Fr-Brian-Coyle-Rector-St-John-s-Seminary-Wonersh_large.jpgVespers at the Seminary.  By kind permission of the Rector, Canon Brian Coyle, we are all invited to join the Seminarians and staff at the Seminary for VESPERS on Monday 11th March at 8pm. This invitation is extended to our fellow Christians in the village through CTC.  It would be good if our church community were well represented.

images.jpegThe next bereavement mass will take place on Saturday 23rdFebruary10am at Cranleigh with tea and coffee to follow. 


Unknown-2.jpegNational Board of Catholic Women:  Day with Bishop Richard

on Saturday 23rd February, from 10 am to 1 pm, at the St Philip Howard Centre (formerly DABCEC).

Explore ways to engage with ‘The Word who is Life’, highlight what women are doing in this diocese, share what you can offer and discuss what you would like to achieve.   Book at nbcw@rcdab.onmicrosoft.com


Unknown-1.jpegFor those who attended the CAMEO evening and heard Gillie Nicholls talk please see her note: “Just a line to let you know that, due to the increasing threats to European travellers in Burkina Faso, I have with huge sadness cancelled my planned trip.  When I first travelled to Burkina Faso in 2005 it was deemed the safest of all the African countries.  Now it is one of the most dangerous.  This is due to the terrorist activities of Al Quaeda of Islamic Maghreb based in Mali and Niger.

My cancelling the trip has caused much disappointment to those who look forward to my annual visit.  Please join me in praying that Burkina Faso and its neighouring countries will overcome the current difficulties and thus make it possible for me to return at some time in the future.  With love to you all, Gillie”

Unknown.jpegGuildford Deanery Initial Safeguarding Awareness Training at St Joan of Arc, Farnham, GU9 8DJ on Tuesday, 3rd April, 2019 from 7- 9 p.m.

         The next Guildford Deanery Initial Safeguarding Awareness Training has been arranged for the above date, time and venue. If you will attend this event please RSVP to – safeguarding@dabnet.org . It is also possible to book online for this session via the Diocesan Website in the Safeguarding Section under Courses and Events.

         A reminder that this training is for everyone but particularly for those who work with or minister to Vulnerable Groups (Children and Adults at Risk. ) It is the expectation of the Bishop, Trustees and Safeguarding Commission that this initial training is undertaken and refreshed every three years. New Volunteers should undertake the Initial Training within the first year of being appointed. A Refresher Training Programme is now being rolled out. People are welcome to attend initial and refresher sessions in other Deaneries if this is more convenient.

        The next Guildford Refresher Training session is due to take place in October ‘19, further details can be found on the Diocesan website.


 Rota Vigil Mass 9 – Bramley 11 -Cranleigh
Welcomers David B M Loveder
J Golding
Jane, Duncan and family
1st Reading Paddy R P Duane Robert M
2nd Reading Tracy C B Eacott
P Rescorla
Anne M

Win B

Chris H

Imelda W

James O’F

K Swindells
S Hyde
S Appleyard
N Harmsworth

P O’Brien

Chris G

Claire S

Paul McM

Keith M

Marion E


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